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Rosicrucian Poems and Related Poetry

  1. Ariel - Priests to God
  2. Bolton, Janet - The Illuminated Cross
  3. Bradt, Edith V - As Ye Would
  4. Clue, Grace G - The Coming Dawn
  5. Coates, Carol - Hands
  6. Correctura - Alchemy
  7. Edgerton, J A - The Temple of Fame
  8. Henley, William Ernest - Invictus
  9. Hubbard, Charles Hine - To A Rose
  10. Magus, 9 - The Law of Love
  11. O'Mara, Barney and Theodore Westman - A Voice in the Silence
  12. Rosaecrucian Hymn: "From Darkness Set Us Free"
  13. Rosaecrucian Hymn: "Let There Be Light"
  14. Rosaecrucian Hymn: "Lord of Light"
  15. Sexton, Bernard - The Initiate
  16. Sexton, Bernard - Sunlight in the Grand Central
  17. Sexton, Bernard - The Theatre of the Soul
  18. Starr, Pamela Vaull - Perception
  19. Tilton, Theodore - The King's Ring
  20. Titius IX - Peace
Selected Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

These selections are from the Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society web site. For an article, "Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919): Writer and Mystic Rosicrucian" by Dr John Palo, click here.].
Many books by Ella Wheeler Wilcox are available online. For lists, go to the Online Books Page and the Internet Archive.
  1. Be Not Weary
  2. Deathless
  3. The Eternal Will
  4. Faith
  5. Hidden Gems
  6. "I'll Do What I Can."
  7. The Ladder
  8. Life's Key
  9. Life's Track
  10. Love Much
  11. "Love Thyself Last."
  12. Morning Prayer
  13. The Past
  14. Petition
  15. Prayer ["Lean on thyself until thy strength is tried;"]
  16. Prayer ["You can blaze trails to God's most secret spot;"]
  17. Preparation
  18. Progress
  19. Resolve
  20. A Sculptor
  21. Secret Thoughts
  22. The Undiscovered Country
  23. Voice of the Voiceless
  24. Will
  25. The Winds of Fate
  26. Wishing
  27. Worth While
  28. You Never Can Tell
"In the long run all love is paid by love,
      Though undervalued by the hosts of earth;
The great eternal Government above
      Keeps strict account and will redeem its worth.
Give thy love freely; do not count the cost;
So beautiful a thing was never lost
                  In the long run."
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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