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Dedicated to our Beloved Imperator, H. Spencer Lewis
Words by Fratro Barney O'Mara
Music by Fratro Theodore Westman
[From The American Rosae Crucis December 1917]
Lord, we come this day to our Tem-ple,
made Ho-ly and Sa-cred by Thee.
to re-ceive from the Tree of Know-ledge,
The pow'r to make us free;
And now we sit in the si-lence.
com-mun-ing with Thee, O, our God!--
All cares and troubles were ban-ished,
Since 'over the Threshold we trod;
O won-der-full, beau-ti-full Dream-land
where our Mys-tic Broth-ers have fled,
For the laws they left us, we thank Thee,
We walk in the Light they have shed--
We walk in the Light they have shed.
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