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 R M Lewis
 R Andrea
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A     Books / Magazine

  1. Andrea, Raymund - The Mystic Way [1938]
  2. Bass, John - The Light of Men: An Interpretation
  3. Bucke, Richard Maurice - Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind
  4. Budge, E A Wallis (transl) - The Egyptian Book of the Dead
  5. Garver, Will - Brother of the Third Degree
  6. Horne, Charles F (ed) - The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East
  7. Kalisch, Isidor (transl) - Sepher Yezirah [1877]
  8. Lewis, H Spencer - Mansions of the Soul: The Cosmic Conception
  9. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Manual, 5th ed, 1932
  10. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and Business
  11. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Questions and Answers, With Complete History of the Rosicrucian Order: 2nd ed, 1932, 4th ed, 1947, and 6th ed, 1959
  12. Lewis, H Spencer - A Thousand Years of Yesterdays
  13. Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron - Zanoni [For an audio version, click here.]
  14. Ouspensky, P D - Tertium Organum, The Third Canon of Thought: A Key to the Enigmas of the World
  15. Roerich, Nicholas - Altai-Himalaya; Flame in Chalice; Heart of Asia; Realm of Light; Shambhala; and other books
  16. Rosicrucian Digest, March 1950 [36.4 MB PDF]
  17. Russell, Bertrand - History of Western Philosophy
  18. Spedding, James, Robert Leslie Ellis, and Douglas Denon Heath (ed) - The Works of Francis Bacon
  19. Unto Thee I Grant the Economy of Life
  20. Villars, Abbé N de Montfaucon de - Comte de Gabalis
  21. Weed, Joseph J - A Rosicrucian Speaks
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B     Articles

  1. Bacon, Francis - Of Studies
  2. Disraeli, Isaac - Destruction of Books
  3. House, Russell - An Interview with Orval C Graves
  4. Liebman, Joshua Loth - Peace of Mind
  5. The Mystic's Code of Life [Adapted from the Rosicrucian Code of Life.]
  6. Nowicki, Michael - Mysterious Inventions of Dr Lewis
  7. Taliaferro, A A - The Law of Reincarnation

C     Audio

  1. The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
  2. Crawford, Jesse (organist) - Secreto Eterno [2.25 MB MP3. Recorded on August 16, 1927 - Victor Record No. 80110B (sold only in Latin America). For web page where recording is listed, click here.]
  3. Lewis, Ralph M - Attaining Cosmic Consciousness, Side 1
  4. Lewis, Ralph M - Attaining Cosmic Consciousness, Side 2 [Incorrectly referred to as Side 1.]
  5. Lewis, Ralph M - Child Guidance [Correct link to Side 1 (23.7 MB) is embedded here.]

D     Images

  1. Gaffney, Barbara - Francis Rosicross
  2. Imperator H Spencer Lewis in his Ritualistic Regalia
  3. Imperator Ralph Lewis In His Ritualistic Robe
  4. Lewis, H Spencer - Nefertiti sits for her Portrait
  5. Master Jesus Plaque [Replica of large oil painting by H Spencer Lewis portraying the Master Jesus.]
  6. Postels, Leopold de - The Heart Unafraid
  7. Rosicrucian Salon - A Lost Painting Rediscovered

E     Videos (YouTube)

    I.  Music
  1. Albert Ferber: Clair de lune
  2. Chopin, Nocturne Op. 27/1 played by Albert Ferber
  3. Ferber plays Rachmaninov, Prelude in B minor Op.32/10
  4. Jesse Crawford - Secreto Eterno
  5. Music For Rosicrucian Temples (playlist)
  6. Sanctum for Rosicrucians "Sanctum Music" (playlist)
    II.  Rosicrucian and Other Videos
  1. Attunement with the Cosmic (Ralph M Lewis - Attaining Cosmic Consciousness, Side 2)
  2. Are You Making Progress? - Ralph M Lewis, F.R.C.
  3. Breath of God - Cecil A Poole
  4. Can You Be Mentally Controlled? - A Rosicrucian Classic
  5. Cosmic Masters- Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C. (WHO ARE THEY?)
  6. Expressions of Nous-Dr. Onslow Wilson (A Rosicrucian Moment)
  7. Expressions of Nous # 2.- Onslow H. Wilson, Ph.D., F.R.C.
  8. The Final Installment - Expressions of Nous
  9. Finding Personal Peace - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  10. The God Concept (Part 1) - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C. (1904 -1987)
  11. The God Concept (Part 2) - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C. (1904 -1987)
  12. Dr Harvey Spencer Lewis
  13. The Human Aura- Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  14. Immortality - Cecil A Poole, F.R.C.
  15. The Invisible Masters (Part 1) - Arthur C. Piepenbrink F.R.C.
  16. The Invisible Masters Part 2 - Arthur C. Piepenbrink, F.R.C.
  17. Law of Karma - Raymond Morgan, F.R.C.
  18. Mastership Pt.1- Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  19. Mastership Pt.2- Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  20. The Mystery of the Essenes with Professor Ted Nottingham
  21. A Mystic In A Modern World - Rev. A.A. Taliaferro, F.R.C.
  22. The Mystical Concept of God - Rodman R. Clayson, F.R.C.
  23. Our Forgotten History Part 2; Lemuria
  24. Our Forgotten History Part 3; Atlantis
  25. Our Future Incarnations - Ralph M Lewis
  26. Psychic Phenomena
  27. Ralph M. Lewis Meditation
  28. Ralph M. Lewis, 1986 Part #1 (Last Video)
  29. Ralph M. Lewis, 1986 Part #2 (Last Video)
  30. Recollecting Past Incarnations - Ralph M Lewis
  31. Release of Self - Cecil A Poole, F R C
  32. Requesting Cosmic Help - Ralph M Lewis, F.R.C.
  33. The Romance of the Rose and Cross - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  34. Rosa Rio - Meditation Moods (1969, Vinyl Rip)
  35. Rosicrucian Documentary Part # 1 (Valley of the Nile)
  36. Rosicrucian Documentary Part # 2 (Valley of the Nile)
  37. Rosicrucian Memorial Ceremony 1987 - Ralph M. Lewis
  38. Rosicrucian Recordings - Cosmic Consciousness
  39. The Rosicrucian World Convention 1981 (The Late Ralph M. Lewis)
  40. Rosicrucianism & Religion - Edward Russell, F.R.C.
  41. Sacred Vowels (Rosicrucians) Part 1 of 2
  42. Sacred Vowels (Rosicrucians) Part 2 of 2
  43. The Seeds of Truth Must Be Planted Early: Child Guidance
  44. The Silver Cord - Ralph M. Lewis
  45. Stress #1 (The Road to Health) Dr Onslow Wilson
  46. Stress #2 (The Weepers Disease)-Dr. Onslow Wilson, F.R.C.
  47. Thoughts That Destroy Man- Ralph M. Lewis. (The belief in Black Magic etc.)
  48. Understanding The Inner Self - Grand Master's Forum (Part 1)
  49. The Cycles of Consciousness - Robert E. Daniels, F.R.C.
  50. Viewpoint: What Is Mysticism - Ralph M. Lewis
  51. Viewpoint: Mysticism & Religion- Ralph M. Lewis
  52. Viewpoint: The Psychic & The Mystic -Ralph M. Lewis
  53. Viewpoint: Mysticism -What Are Its Benefits
  54. Viewpoint: What Is Meditation? - Ralph M. Lewis
  55. Viewpoint: The Purpose of Meditation-Ralph M. Lewis
  56. Viewpoint: The Technique of Meditation-Ralph M. Lewis
  57. The Way of the Heart - Raymund Andrea
  58. What Is Psychic Sight? - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  59. What Is Sacred - Cecil A Poole, F. R. C.
  60. Women Masters and Mystics - Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.
  61. World's Oldest Fraternity

F     Web Sites

  1. 2000 C.E. at The Four+Corners
  2. Agni Yoga Society
  3. Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society
  4. Francis Bacon Research Trust
  5. Nicholas Roerich Museum
  6. Writings of Dr John Palo
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"Feel love. Send love. Encapsule a small portion of this Kingdom of Heaven, as Jesus called it, and bestow it upon another so that it may grow like the mustard seed in the parable and bring comfort and peace to many."
~ Joseph J Weed
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