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Cathedral Contacts

A     Liber 777 [edited by Serafine Anthony Lemos] (external link)
B     Liber 777: The Cathedral of the Soul (external links):C     H Spencer Lewis - The Cathedral of the Soul
D     Cathedral Contacts, Rosicrucian Digest

(in chronological order):
  1. Cathedral Contacts [Aug 1932]
  2. Cathedral Contacts [Sep 1932]
  3. Cathedral Contacts [Oct 1932]
  4. Cathedral Contacts [Nov 1932]
  5. Cathedral Contacts [Oct 1933]
  6. Universal Religion
  7. Peace and Power
  8. Religious Tolerance
  9. Our Tendency to Worship
  10. A Divine Privilege
  11. Our Vision Lifts Us Up
  12. The Sanctum at the Crossroads
  13. The Mystery of 7-7-7
  14. Changes in Religious Thought
  15. Cathedrals of the Past
  16. Cathedral Contacts [Mar 1936]
  17. An Interesting Letter
  18. Houses of God
  19. Abiding in Peace
  20. The Poetry of the Path
  21. The Man-Made God
  22. Divine Worship vs Religion
  23. A Faith to Live By
  24. The Purpose of Worship
  25. Windows of the Soul
  26. A Soul Necessity
  27. The Alchemist's Cathedral
  28. The Preaching of Sermons
  29. The Cathedral on the Sea
  30. A "Cathedral of the Soul" Amid the Trees
  31. Cathedral Contacts [Jan 1938]
  32. Jerusalem the Golden
  33. What is Religious Worship?
  34. Man's Invention of God
  35. Reaching God
  36. Realization of God
  37. Lifting One's Consciousness
  38. The Dwelling Place of the Soul
  39. The Soul's Sanctuary
  40. Man is a Cathedral
  41. The Aspiring Spires
  42. Where Peace Always Dwells
  43. Prayer, Faith and Acts
  44. Earthly Cathedrals
  45. Music of the Spheres
  46. Building a Reserve
  47. Developing Our Abilities
  48. The Attainment of Health
  49. The Search of the Magi
"May the Divine essence of the Cosmic cleanse me of all impurities of mind and body that I may commune with the Cathedral of the Soul. May my mortal consciousness be so enlightened that any imperfections of my thinking may be revealed to me, and may I be given the power of will to correct them. I humbly petition that I may perceive the fullness of nature and partake thereof, ever consistent with the Cosmic good. So Mote It Be!"
~ Ralph M Lewis
The Sanctuary of Self
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