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[From The Rosicrucian Digest October 1933]
The "Cathedral of the Soul" is a Cosmic meeting place for all minds of the most advanced and highly developed spiritual members and workers of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. It is a focal point of Cosmic radiations and thought waves from which radiate vibrations of health, peace, happiness, and inner awakening. Various periods of the day are set aside when many thousands of minds are attuned with the Cathedral of the Soul, and others attuning with the Cathedral at this time will receive the benefit of the vibrations. Those who are not members of the organization may share in this unusual benefit as well as those who are members. The book called "Liber 777" describes the periods for various contacts with the Cathedral. Copies will be sent to persons who are not members by addressing their request for this book to Friar S. P. C., care of AMORC Temple, San Jose, California, enclosing three cents in postage stamps. (Please state whether member or not--this is important.)
AT our annual Convention last July a great many of the members and delegates discussed the Cathedral of the Soul and analyzed the problems involved in connection with the utilization of this great work to meet the obstacles of their daily lives.
During the discussion much thought was given to the matter of the best method for making contact with the Cathedral. During the discussion it was indicated that many persons who believed that they have not successfully contacted the Cathedral are laboring under a mistaken idea. In other words, many of those who try to reach the Cathedral during one of the contact periods and who afterwards feel that they were unsuccessful, are mistaken in this belief.
The Cathedral may be easily contacted, and that contact held for a long time, and still the person making the contact may not be sure of it. In other words, it has been proved that it is easy for contact to be made with the Cathedral without any objective sensation or impression of it at the time. Contact with the Cathedral is more or less of a subjective, spiritual condition, and it is not intended that this contact or the experiences connected with the contact should be essentially objective or physical. If the contact is of such a nature that you are aware of it objectively, well and good, but the absence of this objective knowledge or objective assurance is not indicative of a failure to make the contact. In other words, the inner self may contact the Cathedral and enjoy all of the benefits of a ten-minute contact without the outer self knowing anything about it. The benefits of the contact, however, will be just as keen as if the objective self had been aware of the contact. When such contacts are made and the outer self is unaware of the contacts the inner spiritual self will derive much benefit and will transmit the Cosmic power received during the contact to all parts of the body. This may result in an increase of vitality and an increase of peace and calmness that will be realized gradually throughout the day, and yet there may have been no definite or concrete experience realized objectively during the actual minutes of the contact.
On the other hand, during such unknown contacts with the Cathedral the thoughts and petitions in the mind of a person may easily reach the Cathedral and reach others who helped to carry out the desires, and it is only when these desires are gradually being realized that he can be sure he has actually made the contact. Therefore, do not allow a lack of any impression or experience at the time of your contact to discourage you, and remember that no time is ever wasted in sitting in concentration, meditation and spiritual attunement with the Cathedral. Each period will count and bring its own particular benefits, regardless of what you may experience, and know about it objectively.
The recent contests for special experiences have proved of great benefit in enabling members to prove to themselves how truly they do attune themselves with the Cathedral. Our next special contact of this kind is for those persons whose last names begin with the initials S, T, and U. This special period for these persons will be conducted on Sunday evening, October 22, beginning at six o'clock Pacific Standard time. The first will be a number, the second will be a color, the third will be a symbol, the fourth will be a Biblical verse, and the fifth will be a musical note. Each of these will be sent in succession, devoting about two minutes to each idea. By having a pencil and paper close at hand, and by sitting in absolute quiet and rest with the mind attuned to the Cathedral, the impressions will come and they should be written down immediately one by one in their proper order as received. Do not allow your imagination to invent any ideas, and do not allow your reasoning to attempt to analyze what might be sent, or might not be sent, or to tell you what is the most probable thing that would be sent for in this way you will deceive yourself. Write down the first impression that comes to you every two minutes during that period, regardless of how strange it may seem. When the period is over send your report of what you received to the Secretary to the Imperator, care of AMORC, Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California. Be sure to put at the top of the sheet of paper the words "Special Cathedral Contact."
In answer to many questions received, we wish to say that others than those whose names begin with the initials S, T, and U may make the contact during this special test, but reports are only to be sent in by those whose initials are given above. In a later issue of the Digest we will state what was transmitted on this special occasion, as well as on the last occasion, so that all those who participated in the contact may learn how successful they were.
All other regular periods of the Cathedral as outlined in Liber 777 will be maintained throughout the months as usual, and we hope that all of our members and friends will use the Cathedral to the utmost for the many benefits that are easily granted.

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