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[From The Rosicrucian Digest September 1936]
The "Cathedral of the Soul" is a Cosmic meeting place for all minds of the most advanced and highly developed spiritual members and workers of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. It is a focal point of Cosmic radiations and thought waves from which radiate vibrations of health, peace, happiness, and inner awakening. Various periods of the day are set aside when many thousands of minds are attuned with the Cathedral of the Soul, and others attuning with the Cathedral at this time will receive the benefit of the vibrations. Those who are not members of the organization may share in the unusual benefits as well as those who are members. The book called "Liber 777" describes the periods for various contacts with the Cathedral. Copies will be sent to persons who are not members by addressing their request for this book to Friar S. P. C., care of AMORC Temple, San Jose, California, enclosing three cents in postage stamps. (Please state whether member or not--this is important.)


AS ONE journeys around the world and contacts various religious rites and rituals and listens to the diversified interpretations and understandings of the nature and being of God, one becomes convinced that the universal conception of God is a man-made conception to which man attempts to adhere and conform his life.
Even in the matter of ecclesiastical art and religious sculpturing and painting we see the universal attempt to create or interpret God in the light of individual understanding, colored by the national view-point and the historical background. To the ancient Jews, God was of a distinctly Jewish type, while to the Chinese, God was of Chinese characteristics. The Russians in their extreme devotion and reverence portrayed God as typically Russian. With each nation God was interpreted in the light of their own characteristics plus an emphasis of understanding of their own localized problems.
To the mystic and philosopher of universal laws, God is not limited in characteristics, nature, or interpretation. He is of all nations and all people unified in one being and yet more than all of this. God is at once the god of the heathen and the god of the saved and redeemed, the God of the white man, black man, the yellow and every possible color and pigmentation. He is also the saviour of each race and the interpreter of the laws and problems of each group of peoples. And God is not only the sympathetic, the understanding knower of the past of each race, but of the present and the future.
Until we have the universal concept of God, we cannot have the correct appreciation of the fact that we are all children of God.
In the Cathedral of the Soul we have a place and condition freed from worldly, physical, material limitations, and beyond all political or social distinctions and national characteristics where the God of each being, the God of each race, the God of each nation can be found in his sublime glory and transcendental power. In such a Cathedral God is sensed in His purely Cosmic existence with such spiritual qualifications and powers as are easily comprehended in the language, character, and thought of each type of mind.
It is for this reason that the Cathedral has become such a happy, peaceful meeting place of the uplifted consciousness of thousands of human beings in many lands. If you have not sensed this inspiring, universal contentment; if you have not enjoyed the freedom of the Cosmic existence, you should spend a few moments daily in attunement with the Cathedral of the Soul and the resulting contacts with the consciousness of God and the universal mind of all beings.
Health, invigorating strength and understanding, peace beyond the description of words, and a marvelous strengthening of the spiritual and mental faculties and powers come to those who give a few minutes of communion and meditation daily in this universal Cathedral. Regardless of your doctrinal beliefs or the sectarian nature of your religious faith, you can meet with others in this Cathedral not on common ground but on a fundamental spiritual and universal plane. You can take with you into this Cathedral the cross you carry on your back, the burdens you carry on your shoulders, the sorrow in your mind, and the grief in your heart and the problems that weigh heavily on your hands. All of these you can take with you and leave there and come forth free and unburdened, happy, inspired, empowered, and strengthened to meet the situations and to resist the evils and the influences that disturb your tranquillity and make you a victim of circumstances. You emerge from each period of meditation a Master of Cosmic law because of God's omnipotence and power residing in you.
If you have not enjoyed or even experienced these Cathedral contacts, send for the free book, Liber 777, and let it be your guide from day to day.

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