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[From The Rosicrucian Digest October 1938]
The "Cathedral of the Soul" is a Cosmic meeting place for all minds of the most highly developed and spiritually advanced members and workers of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. It is a focal point of Cosmic radiations and thought waves from which radiate vibrations of health, peace, happiness, and inner awakening. Various periods of the day are set aside when many thousands of minds are attuned with the Cathedral of the Soul, and others attuning with the Cathedral at this time will receive the benefit of the vibrations. Those who are not members of the organization may share in the unusual benefits as well as those who are members. The book called "Liber 777" describes the periods for various contacts with the Cathedral. Copies will be sent to persons who are not members by addressing their request for this book to Friar S. P. C., care of AMORC Temple, San Jose, California, enclosing three cents in postage stamps. (Please state whether member or not--this is important.)


WHEN in the beginning of this universe God finally created man "in His own Image" man became not only a living soul but a living cathedral and sanctuary for the indwelling of the God Spirit and the God consciousness.
Man is truly a walking, living, vitalized cathedral of the Supreme Divinity of the world.
Man is the nearest image and living representative of the nature and qualities of God of any creature or thing in the universe.
By the increase of man's wisdom, the increase of his creative power and ability, his mastership over worldly conditions, his supreme reaching out, upward and into space, man has gradually become a towering cathedral, the spire of which reaches to unlimited heights. And in this God-like cathedral there is a sanctuary, an altar, a temple in which dwells not only a small part of the God Consciousness called the human soul incarnated on earth to carry on the work of God, but therein dwells the voice, the intelligence, the love, the mercy, and justice of God Himself.
Not one of the most magnificent cathedrals, synagogues, temples or shrines created by man of material elements, decorated by the most supreme efforts of the greatest artists, architects and artisans, with the most magnificent spires and stained-glass windows, can possibly equal the magnificence of the cathedral of man as exemplified in every sane, rational, God-like human being that walks the face of the earth, regardless of his lack of social importance, regardless of his human attractiveness, regardless of his worldly wealth or prosperity, and regardless of his religious creed or national distinction.
And it is when the divine intelligence within these millions of human cathedrals lifts itself up to a focal point of concentration and united thought and worship, that there is created and maintained in the space beyond human sight and human comprehension a universal world-wide cathedral of the soul in which the millions of human souls on earth can find peace and harmony, health, strength and happiness.
If you have not learned yet how to enjoy the peace of such Cosmic attunement and divine harmony, if you have not yet experienced and participated in the health-giving vibrations, divine power, physical health and happiness that come from a short period of cathedral attunement each day, then write for our little booklet called Liber 777 and begin at once to enjoy these divine blessings.

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