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[From The Rosicrucian Digest December 1938]
The "Cathedral of the Soul" is a Cosmic meeting place for all minds of the most highly developed and spiritually advanced members and workers of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. It is a focal point of Cosmic radiations and thought waves from which radiate vibrations of health, peace, happiness, and inner awakening. Various periods of the day are set aside when many thousands of minds are attuned with the Cathedral of the Soul, and others attuning with the Cathedral at this time will receive the benefit of the vibrations. Those who are not members of the organization may share in the unusual benefits as well as those who are members. The book called "Liber 777" describes the periods for various contacts with the Cathedral. Copies will be sent to persons who are not members by addressing their request for this book to Friar S. P. C., care of AMORC Temple, San Jose, California, enclosing three cents in postage stamps. (Please state whether member or not--this is important.)


THERE was a period in the time of man's evolution, growth and development, when he believed that the greatest and most noble of his spiritual aspirations and reflections could better be expressed by building edifices upon the tops of which towered spires pointing upward into a Heavenly Kingdom. Man seemed to believe that as he erected these material structures which aspired to reach into the heavens, he lifted himself upwardly into those realms and found there the spiritual peace and attunement for which his soul was longing. In many centuries these builders of cathedrals and spires vied with one another in trying to express the loftiness of their spiritual qualities by building the spires higher and higher until they came to realize that there was a limit to the material expression of their uplifted consciousness.
But when it comes to the sincere and devoutly religious person, he soon finds that there is no material limit to the upliftment of his consciousness and thoughts, and that no spires upon cathedrals, no towering edifice, no specially selected site or location is required for the temple of his soul. He discovers that the kingdom of the soul is the kingdom of the universe and that the cathedral of his soul is an intangible, immaterial sanctum that is resident in the Kingdom of God, and in which the Consciousness of God and the consciousness of millions of others like himself dwell in ecstacy, meditation and prayer.
Our little booklet, entitled Liber 777, points out the way by which aspiring man with uplifted thoughts and consciousness can attune himself with the real Cathedral of the Soul and dwell there in meditation and prayer and receive all of the sanctity, all of the benefits, all of the sacraments, that God bestows upon man in his desire for religious and divine attunement. If you have not read this little booklet, and have not followed the simple methods for attuning yourself to such sacred periods of religious expression, send for the little booklet today, at no obligation of a financial nature, and participate in this world-wide, universe-wide agreement and attunement with the Cosmic and the Creator of all that exists. Thousands are ready to participate with you and help you, and you will find in this indulgence of the soul, in the spiritual attunement of the soul, in the privacy and quietness of your own home or the open country, a greater opportunity for the divine part of yourself to find simple and honest expression, and for your mind and body to receive all of the blessings of the universe. It will be like a tonic and an inspiration and a school of divine wisdom. It will become the greatest joy in your life, making for the greatest peace and harmony that man can ever find. Send for the little booklet today and begin this month of your life to participate in this universal Cosmic joy.

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