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[From The Rosicrucian Digest August 1935]
The "Cathedral of the Soul" is a Cosmic meeting place for all minds of the most advanced and highly developed spiritual members and workers of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. It is a focal point of Cosmic radiations and thought waves from which radiate vibrations of health, peace, happiness, and inner awakening. Various periods of the day are set aside when many thousands of minds are attuned with the Cathedral of the Soul, and others attuning with the Cathedral at this time will receive the benefit of the vibrations. Those who are not members of the organization may share in the unusual benefit as well as those who are members. The book called "Liber 777" describes the periods for various contacts with the Cathedral. Copies will be sent to persons who are not members by addressing their request for this book to Friar S. P. C., care of AMORC Temple, San Jose, California, enclosing three cents in postage stamps. (Please state whether member or not--this is important.)


WHEN one travels through various parts of Europe by automobile or wanders by foot into the valleys and up the hillsides of the rolling country lying between the larger cities, one is impressed from time to time with the crude sanctums that are represented by a sheltered crucifix on a post at cross roads or near cemeteries. In places where no great church or cathedral has been built and where the simple people of the open lands have no ready facilities for congregating in worship and prayer, the post with its holy significance and its hand-made parts is indeed appealing and affords an excellent opportunity for the sincere to express themselves religiously and find devotional attunement.
Many a prayer has been directed to God pleading in behalf of some sick one, some injured or elderly person at these outdoor shrines. The ground around them is sanctified by the tears that have been shed and by the throb beats of those who linger there in worship. Coming within the shadow of one of these, each tourist feels that he has suddenly confronted a holy place and that a protection and a call to divine worship and a realization of the spiritual qualities of life appears to be divinely ordained. Perhaps more real devotion and more sincere attunement with God has been felt and expressed at these outdoor shrines than in any cathedral or temple of the world.
But through the Cathedral of the Soul each one of us has the same opportunity but with even greater convenience to lift ourselves up in attunement with God and the Higher Forces and seek for peace and happiness and all the better things of life.
Make the Cathedral of the Soul your sanctum, your Holy of Holies and your place of worship, as well as the place where you seek peace and health and happiness and the blessed privilege of attuning yourself with all of mankind in an uplift of consciousness toward the source of all things.
If you are not a member or are unfamiliar with the Cathedral of the Soul and what it has done for others and can do for you, be sure to secure a copy of Liber 777 which is free for the asking, and read it carefully.
It matters not whether you are of one religious creed and denomination or another, or of what your doctrines may consist, or how you may look upon humanity and its relationship to the God of the universe. You are welcome to participate in the services of the Cathedral of the Soul in the quiet of your own home, or on the hill top, or in the valley, or on the busy streets, or in your office, or wherever you may be. There is no attempt to convert you from one religion to another or to change in your consciousness the faith that you have in any creed or doctrine. Hold fast to that which has proven good to you but when you worship let your soul rise up in glorious attunement with the Cosmic above you and do not allow it to be stifled or restricted by any of the man-made ideas.

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