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Sunlight in the Grand Central

  Especially written for the American Rosae Crucis
By Bernard Sexton
[From The American Rosae Crucis June 1917]
Sunlight splashing on the floor,
Intimate, yet ever new,
Silent messenger of life,
Serving all, but known to few.
Sunlight streaming thru the bars,
Take my spirit's voice along
Your white roadway to the stars--
Take back this little song.
Those who send you know me well
Brother gods, in dreams we talk,
Dim vast secrets they do tell
When among the stars we walk.
Little silver-whited ray
On this lonely earth I kneel
To the radiant ones I pray,
Listen to my song's appeal!
Let your shining keep in me
Love of song and faith in light
And all the holy ministry
That makes a sunny day's delight.
Let your shining be to me
As to thrush and bumblebee
A secret call to hidden things,
Breath of song and song of wings!

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