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The Temple of Fame

 By J. A. Edgerton
[From The American Rosae Crucis June 1916]
"How far away is the Temple of Fame?"
Asked a youth at the dawn of day;
And he toiled and dreamed of a deathless name
But the hours went by and the evening came,
That left him feeble and old and lame,
To plod on his cheerless way.
The youth who had failed could never guess
The reason his quest was vain;
But he sought no other to help or bless;
He followed the glittering prize, Success
Up the narrow pathway of Selfishness,
And this had been his bane.
"How far away is the Temple of Good?"
Asked a youth at the dawn of day;
And he strove, in a spirit of brotherhood,
To help and succor, as best he could,
The poor and the unfortunate multitude
On their hard and dreary way.
He likewise strove with adversity,
To climb to the heights above;
But his dream was ever of men made free,
Of better days in the time to be,
And self was buried in sympathy--
He followed the path of love.
He was careless alike of praise or blame;
But after his work was done,
An angel of glory from heaven came,
And wrote on high his immortal name,
Proclaiming this truth--that the Temple of Fame
And Temple of Good are one.
For this is the lesson that history
Has taught since the world began--
That those whose memories never die,
That shine like stars in our human sky
And brighter glow as the years roll by
Are men who have lived for Man.

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