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[From "Temple Echoes" by Platonicus, F. R. C.,
The Rosicrucian Digest November 1946]
Recently our Rosicrucian class session in New York City was devoted to the Order's unique system of contact healing. We stressed the important role of the hands as healing instruments. In our class was a visitor, Soror Carol Coates, one of Canada's leading poets. The following day Soror Coates presented us with this excellent poem, entitled "Hands."
Hold, neighbor, before the thought-gaze, thy hands.
Assess anew the miracle of their birth,
Appraise the wisdom of their intricate design.
Through them, bespeak to atheist and cynic’s sneer, the Living Architect.
Bid all, ponder the chemistry of blood,
the geometry of bone,
And challenge every scientific boast
with the physics of a handclasp.
Bridge now the abyss, and meditate ...
Hands, the artist's instrument.
Even the lowliest mission, do not thou despise,
Only bemoan the misdirected will
That desecrates their holy office.
Come, read within thine own, new spirit power.
Exalt by act the message of their healing touch,
And consecrate their purpose to the Cosmic Will.

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