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As Ye Would

By Edith V. Bradt
[From The American Rosae Crucis May 1916]
If I should see
A brother languishing in sore distress
And I should turn and leave him comfortless
When I might be
A messenger of hope and happiness--
How could I ask to have what I denied
In my own hour of bitterness supplied?
If I might share
A brother's load along the dusty way,
And I should turn and walk alone that day--
How could I dare,
When in the evening watch I knelt to pray,
To ask for help to bear my pain and loss,
If I had heeded not my brother's cross?
If I might sing
A little song to cheer a fainting heart,
And I should seal my lips and sit apart,
When I might bring
A bit of sunshine for life's ache and smart--
How could I hope to have my grief relieved,
If I kept silent when my brother grieved?
And so I know
That day is lost wherein I fail to lend
A helping hand to some wayfaring friend,
But if it show
A burden lightened by the cheer I sent,
Then do I hold the golden hours well spent,
And lay me down in sweet content.

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