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By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Who takes this for his motto, "I'll do what I can."
Shall better the world as he goes down life's hill:
The willing young heart makes the capable man,
And who does what he can oft, can do what he will.
There's strength in the impulse to help things along
And forces undreamed of will come to the aid
Of one who, thought weak, yet believes he is strong,
And offers himself to the task unafraid.
"I'll do what I can" keeps the progress-machine
In good working order as centuries roll,
And civilization would perish, I ween
Were not those words written on many a soul
They fell the great forests, they furrow the soil
They seek new inventions to benefit man;
They fear no exertion, make pastime of toil
Oh, great is earth's debt to "I'll do what I can".
In The Indian Helper Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA XV:11 (January 12, 1900) 1.

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