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By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
You can blaze trails to God's most secret spot;
And you can enter the hidden Cosmic Centre
If you resolve your self into one thought.
Love-love-love-love-and yet again more love
Until your very being seems thereof
A part and parcel. It must be intense--
The love which lifts you to those holy heights,
And sends you thence
To bask in their delights;
Like incense from a censer, prayer must rise
Up from your heart, and penetrate the skies.
But fervent love, and unremitting prayer,
Will build ascending pathways, stair on stair,
From earth to God's fair regions; and the door
Between you and your dead, shall stand ajar
To close no more.
No more shall they seem distant and afar.
Pray-pray-pray-pray-and love the while you pray.
Love God the Source of light, love man His ray.
Love Nature, rising out of Him: love life
With all its turmoil, weariness and strife--
And all its empty pleasure, since they show
God as the only goal we need to know.
Love toil,
Which is the harrow that prepares the soil
For planting heavenly harvests; and love death,
That glorious friend, who takes our mortal breath
And gives us life immortal. Love and pray,
And splendour shall illuminate your way
And joy shall sing to you a lofty strain--
Even in hours of pain,
Turning earth's discords into harmonies.
Prayer is the road to bliss.
Prayer leads us on till we stand face to face
With goodly companies of Friends in Space:
The Great Uplifters of the human race;
And tunes the listening ear their messages to hear.
Prayer will give strength to weakness, wings to fear,
Knowledge to ignorance, and prayer will shed
Light on the pathway, where our feet must tread.
Who loves and works, and prays unto the end,
On him God's wisdom must at last descend.
Poems of affection. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: Gay & Hancock, 1920.

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