Rosicrucian Writings Online

To A Rose

 By Charles Hine Hubbard
[From The American Rosae Crucis November 1917]
Ah! Beautiful Rose!
To me thy petals oft disclose
The flaming Beauty of the tender rays
That in the Master's Sun I praise!
Beautiful Rose--sweet Rose of tender Truth
That all is Life Forevermore! Oft in my youth
Beside thy ope'ning petals I would lie
Wrapt in the Beauty of thy softness! I
Would gaze upon you as a lover would, and you
Would sweetly, earnestly my raptures view!
Ah! Rose! Most Beautiful Rose!
In thee so tender--God's Repose
Must surely be--so pure, Sweet Rose, art thou!
Dear Rose, accept my humble praises! How
The love of thee remains, Sweet Rose--in absence, too--
For thou art pure, Kind Rose--all pure and true!

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