Rosicrucian Writings Online


By Correctura
[From The Mystic Triangle February 1927]
                        Come, Sweet Day, and cool my burning brow!
                        Drift o'er me, dim Forgetfulness! And thou,
                        Dear Hope, come thou, to cheer the morrow!
                        Bring thou the joy! Lift thou the sorrow!
                        Clear thou mine eyes, whence all the light hath fled
                        Liven my heart, where all the joy is dead;
                        Till I can laugh at pain, and say "'Twas best!
                        Man broke my heart----. God took it in his hands
                        And blest it; gave it back more strong and brave
                        To fill my mission, live my life, and save
                        Some other soul, despondent, worn with grief,
                        And in that very service find relief,
                        Till joy return--and ere I comprehend,
                        Lo! Love is refashioned, in--a Friend!"

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