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Suspended Animation

By Dr. James D. Ward
[From The Rosicrucian Digest August 1931]
THIS lesson is the heart's jewel, created by the universal soul and portraying a vivid manifestation of the higher teachings of infinite wisdom, weaving the fabrics of human lives strand upon strand, here an incident, there an episode manifested by that infinite law employing perpetual motion to fling the shuttle.
The world's greatest hero is he who masters himself, for it is then that the eye of dharana is opened and all nature becomes an open book.
We cannot suspend animation by suggestion and concentration but only through the exercise of the wisdom of God, the wisdom to understand spirit, vital force, mind and matter, and how to control them, which comes as a result of discovering truth and how to differentiate between positive truth and negative delusion.
I only know of five American born men,--Imperator H. Spencer Lewis, J. J. B., J. M., J. S., and myself, who have this power within us developed to a point where we can see ourselves penetrate the whole universe and become one with the universal spirit and work with it. By becoming one with the absolute we can recognize all transcendent truth and we can go from physical into and through the psychic and thence to the spirit. There are several Hindus in America who know and understand suspended animation, and they will, I am sure, stand by me in this article. Then, if Brother Lewis, M., S., and B. endorse it, I will be happy. This will probably be the first article of its kind made public in the United States, and, therefore, I will be conservative.
Those who cannot see and understand human vibratory thought waves, nor the soul of man, nor WHY man is, cannot suspend animation until they put into practice the spirit of universality and become one with the Infinite. While this divine lesson is as deep and wide as the Red Sea was to Moses and the children of Israel, we are going to cross it in this article, "Flesh and blood hath not revealed this to us but our Father in Heaven." Personally, I will only be instrumental in lighting and illuminating the way by now and then touching your hearts with divine injunctions. My ardent desire is to do it justice by doing it perfectly. I will have but little trouble with those who know and understand the law.
The only way you can understand abstract philosophy and truth is to reason by deduction instead of induction and by living in a perpetual rapture of love and faith until you can visualize human thought. Your psychic body is your divine inheritance. The evolution of universal spirit is that ever endless, boundless truth, unifying all sects and creeds and making peace between reason and faith. In the course of time you can consecrate yourself to concentration, teaching, studying, and become intuitive to where your intuition transcends time, space, and limitations of the body so that your human ideals ascend to that place where you have faith in faith and really believe. "Blessed are they who having not seen, yet believe." When you can command the power to concentrate, have clear sight, knowledge to visualize, using the heart to meditate and wisdom to realize, then and only then can you succeed in suspending animation in yourself. Man desires, God wills.
Concentration is the only means of absolute control of mind, soul and body, and in order to succeed you must master these faculties. Remember, each soul is innately divine. Realization comes by manifesting divine humanity, either by worship, psychic control, or scientific philosophy. "You are then free." "This is the whole of the law and the Prophets."
Every phenomenon that was ever produced on earth by control of the vagas nerve has been called a miracle by the unlearned. I believe I was the first American to stop or to control the pulse in either arm; this I did on James J. Bruce in 1899 in Dallas, Texas. I willed it by concentration, then "shouting" the thought. That is the secret. It is thus we go to a state of superconsciousness. While in this state the soul enjoys its blissful peace, at one with infinite intelligence. Even then unless we know the difference between the sympathetic nervous system and the cerebro-spinal nervous system, we can never safely suspend animation nor heal the sick. Nor can we stop the radial and temporal pulse on both sides at will; stopping the heart beats; causing the heart to contract to one half its normal size.
Those who know how to vibrate on more than one plane and know philosophy and anatomy, may know how to perform this feat, because we know how to control the sympathetic nerves of the anatomic nervous system in the muscles of the heart. This is the only way we know to suspend animation in ourselves.
Suspending animation in oneself is dangerous unless you understand the law, but as before stated your Imperator Lewis, J. J. B., M., S., and I have ventured thus far. We cause our spirit body within to contact and become one with the universal spirit. Personally my experiences justify me in saying that we raise our vibrations to a point where we see ourselves as God sees us and where no other human being can see us except through projection.
Before we endeavor to prove anything, let me give you a Hindu proverb. They term it a divine injunction. It is this: "Do not accept anything as a fact until you have proven it unto yourself." You cannot accept truth until it becomes truth to you through divine wisdom. That being a fact, it behooves us to listen and have faith to realize the divine gifts of the infinite that have passed down to us through suggestion since the beginning of all manifestation of God in manifestation. The law of suggestion began before anything was done on earth.
There are twelve distinct and discrete degrees of suggestion with sixty intermediate charges and obligations to be learned in conferring these degrees.
Divine intelligence suggested that man be produced in the image of God, acknowledged and the divine seal stamped thereon. Thereafter, God suggested His laws through man to meet the prayers of man and to satisfy his powers and apprehension. God's suggestions brought to man the divine soul, and to nature, order, harmony, love and beauty,--the all of which produce infinite perfection.
God's law of suggestion proves that the material world is bound to a spiritual world through divine suggestion. This energy is the dominating power of God, seen and unseen, create and uncreate, the manifest and unmanifest. The unmanifest is a world of unseen wisdom that we should see (the spouse of the soul), while the manifest shows the suggestion of a world of nature which is of God. Nature is God's masterpiece. The unseen is the mind and thought, the spirit of God and the soul of man.
Remember, at God's suggestion, truth and nature are friends of man, but some men repudiate both of them. God suggested man's divinity in the fullest expression and this universe in millions of expressions. God makes no mistakes. If he did the divine mind would be a failure and everything out of harmony.
The true science of suggestion for many years was a buried treasure to American people, while in some countries it was well understood. Some of you are now beginning to understand its powers and limitations. The Masters of the East do not have a monopoly on it, nor do they have a corner on the kingdom of God, but they do have a true conception of God and man and of the purpose of life on earth and its journey through the heavenly planes, even to the celestial throne where infinite truth is enthroned and lasts throughout eternity. They drink deeply of the Pierian Springs.
Some people have decided that there is a different viewpoint from the one they have, and that there is something that they do not have which appears to be beyond their reach; and they seem to be seeking an explanation of the unexplained mysteries of life and continuity beyond the grave. "It is well." They can get more of it through suggestion than perhaps they can comprehend but, thank heaven, people are becoming truth seeking and are ready to listen and believe.
When a student is ready to learn a thing, either science or religion, he has a halo around him and the divine spirit lights that halo so that it cannot be hidden from enlightened view. He is then ready for that divine message. It is then and only then that the inherent truth of Christian philosophy is given to us by suggestion, and can be taught to understanding,--God the true and only teacher.
One of the hardest things to learn in suggestion is to make your physical nature obey your soul. Also in suggestion it is essentially important to understand the difference between God and man; therefore, the occult teaches that man is God, man is spirit; God is spirit, God is cause of spirit and God is cause of man. God is infinite and man is infinite, being the same substance, but vastly differentiated. But, listen, lest ye forget--GOD IS ABSOLUTE. God is the sum essence of all potentialities, of the divine mind, the Cosmic substance from whence came all things. God is the divine soul controlling the sea of mind. God is the life of the world, the dynamo of the spirit body. God is the spiritual teacher of all mankind, the only source through which you can know the true reality of the universe. God is principle, life, truth, spirit, love, mind and soul, all in all. God is pure and we are only pure when centered in God. God is the light of the world that guides our footsteps. You cannot realize God unless you recognize Him which you must do without seeing Him. When you are alone with God you must forget self and do all you do in realization of God, the God in you, the unseen Solar Glory.
God's law is a law unto Himself; unchanging, unfailing and cannot be broken. While, on the other hand, man is the individualized extreme solar system which intervenes between the two poles of the law. That is why man is what he is--God's suggestion. Man is God's idea. Man is produced, evolved and manifested in God's spiritual image; therefore, man is the divine in humanity and through man, humanity becomes divine. Man is God's ideal in and out of that infinite intelligence, that infinite sea of mind which is God. Man is God's crowning glory; and even in the castle of God's ideals there is a refuge for human souls where they are taught to grow unto and into the divine illuminating Light of universal Soul.
Life is full of God's ideas and suggestions but it takes both knowledge and wisdom to interpret them and pass them on to students by way of suggestion. The public does not always take kindly to one who knows the truth and dares to tell it or teach it. Therefore, we are now approaching our students with care and caution, preparing their instinctive mind.
I realize that I am dealing this moment with an ever restless wave of humanity tossed by the storms of emotions on the raging sea of life with thought only for today instead of eternity. Untutored minds are allured by the false and deadly flowers of vice and deception. With that vision before me, the darkness of death, and with the certainty of the hereafter as my problem to solve and to demonstrate in suspended animation, I must furnish you indubitable evidence of their solution. When I want a thing with a purified will, I am then receptive to divine knowledge. Then it is that intuition comes to my rescue. Everything on earth is alive with impersonal consciousness. It is the divine within which is eternal.
By way of explanation in dealing with the mind I give it to you as taught to me. When I speak of the instinctive mind, you may call it the natural or objective or conscious mind. The spiritual mind you know as the subjective or subconscious mind and the celestial mind you know as the superconscious mind. I can best honor my teachers by passing it on as given to me. Therefore, I tell you that mind is thought principle. If mind controls the body--who or what controls the mind? Instinctive mind,--conscious control; spiritual mind,--spiritual control; celestial mind,--celestial control. When wisdom is highest in the mind it is then that you get your heart's desire. Mind is the sensorium of your feelings.
When you give a suggestion to a student for scientific demonstration, inform him of the true divine nature and inherent character of the different degrees of mind. Then, you will observe results that you have never attained before. Teach him that mind is separated by three distinct and discrete degrees,--instinctive, spiritual and celestial mind. The interior of man belongs to mind and is separated into many more degrees.
Mind has its seat in the brain in its first principle. Instinctive mind encloses, encases and envelops both the spiritual and celestial mind. Mind impels the body at will. Instinctive mind in form and image is as a world; spiritual mind in form and image is as heaven and derives its form and images from the spiritual world. Instinctive mind has two regions; the higher is called rational; the lower, sensual. Instinctive mind is supposed to be continuous, yet when it contacts the two higher minds it appears to be more discrete but it is seldom as reliable as they are. It is so reactive that occasionally, when the two higher minds are not contacted with it, it will act against them instead of with them. Spiritual mind, however, is deeper rooted and helps to balance the instinctive mind. The spiritual mind controls the man with high emotions, high ideals and different instincts yet certain it is that the lowest forms of human life have the fourth principle or instinctive mind and some of them but little higher than dumb brutes.
In higher types one can observe the gradual changing--as the Masters say, grading and merging the higher type into the fifth principle; yet we do not want you to forget that even the highest type of man having a keen intellect, carries with him that fourth principle of instinctive mind and uses it frequently and sometimes is used by it. It is a sad thing in life to see the astute young man who thinks he knows it all, thinks he is the incarnation of Confucius, thinks he has a Confucian mind, only to find that he has begun a new day. The worst is yet to come; he seldom finds that out, and goes on and on, and God pity him who permits the instinctive mind to usurp or control his higher or spiritual mind. If one can purify his intellect and emotions and stabilize his instinctive mind then the spiritual mind is purified.
Some of the occult schools call the fourth principle the instinctive mind and it is in this stage that man uses it most. It is understood that physical man could not exist without it; do not forget that. It is the instinctive mind that gets into the habit of doing things and it gathers unto itself valuable information from many sources. Not all are hereditary, but many are the thought waves recorded therein. Such men as Burbank, Ford, and Edison, have used the instinctive mind in the fourth principle instead of allowing it to use them. One more statement concerning the instinctive mind. It is the basic foundation of appetites, passions, desires, instincts, feelings and emotions, manifested in man, and when he is deluded by negative delusions he has no compassion for good or for God. That is because self-consciousness never comes to man except through unfoldment of the spiritual mind.
Celestial mind derives form and image from the highest and purest celestial soul, which, together with the spiritual mind, comes to the aid of the instinctive mind and concentrates on infinite knowledge and wisdom. The instinctive mind is the Key to so-called mysticism. The spiritual mind leads you onward through peaceful realms free from delusion, lighted with the bright and shining eyes of illuminated souls that have found bliss. When mind becomes perfect through divine peace the body becomes perfect. Then the mind, soul and body are ready to proceed. There is a critical point in man's physical life as the fifth principle (man's intellect) begins to unfold.
In producing the above mentioned twelve degrees of suggestion and concentration, you begin first by suggesting to the student that "we are going to do or not to do a certain thing for a certain reason, in a certain length of time." Almost instantly the proposition looks reasonable to the student and if it be your intention to suggest to him to sleep, stop pain or carry out some other purpose, tell him so. Explain how to relax, suggest every thought and action. Laying on the hands is often helpful, though my work is done without touch or word. This is the way I was taught, using the power of concentration, deep breathing and "shouting" a thought. The American method is by hypnotism. It is the easiest way because they hear your suggestions and feel your touch, and if you have any magnetism they feel a magnetic thrill that makes them anxious to obey your suggestions, and if they actually fall "asleep," then and there is your time for suggestion.
The laying on of hands is all right in touching or passing up and down the spine, the longitudinal vertebral ganglia and various sympathetic plexuses, thereby getting quicker and more active response. The same method may be used in healing with massage, all kinds of adjustments and magnetic vibrations, working on the spinal nerves which go to every part of flesh, blood and tissue. All are useful and good for divine healing, instead of working through the spinal nerves, you use the sympathetic nervous system through the psychic body where prayer consistent with God's law is always answered, because the soul is the essence of God's love. The only reason for failure is because some do not have faith. If you really believe in faith then you have faith in faith and get results. Others are too meticulous and do not concentrate.
We have a long and interesting road before us to travel, so let us go on where it is most interesting. You now take your students into and through the spiritual mind and in that state your students become rigid. This state is known as the cataleptic state. Some teachers claim rigidity takes place as the student goes through the third degree and others contend that it comes as they go from the third to the fourth, but occult teachers know that after you get into the third degree your instinctive mind stops acting alone and is merging into the spiritual, which produces a shudder and a twitching sensation which generally but not always produces catalepsy. Occult teachers can stop the student in the third degree before he gets rigid, also after he is through and relaxed and before he goes into the fourth degree. They can then have the student rest in the first part of the degree, having suggested to him in the second degree that he need not stop in that rigid cataleptic condition, but it takes an experienced teacher to do that. If your student is rheumatic or crippled it is much better to put him through the cataleptic degree daily and forcibly break up the adhesions, having, however, suggested to him in the second degree that he will not feel any pain during the breaking up of the adhesions nor thereafter. Following your suggestion for a few days, you forcibly break the adhesions and your student is well. The effect of any suggestion is the result of the manner, form and power of the teacher's mind to send the suggestion to the student.
I have often witnessed divine healings in some Pentecostal meetings and other churches where there was every degree except suspended animation, even projection. Projection is different from suspended animation only in that in projection you may go anywhere that you can go in suspended animation, but in suspended animation the heart stops beating. There is no danger in projection and every one should study and try again and again, practicing the Rosicrucian teachings until you succeed, but do not undertake suspended animation until you know the law.
The best proven methods are taught by adepts who suggest to their students in the first and second degrees what they are going to expect of them,--how far they wish them to go, and secure an agreement beforehand to go to that point and return at their suggestion or command. The students will usually do so. It is wise to suggest to them not to remain too long in the fourth degree, and when you suggest to them to go from the third degree on into the fourth degree tell them you have something in the fifth degree that is very important for them to look into, and get their minds on the fifth degree. Do this always with new students, so that when you see them going from the third into the fourth degree, you can, as soon as you observe that deep breath and know they are in the fourth, at once suggest to them to "let's go on now into the fifth degree." Unless you do this the students may wish to remain in the fourth and fail, neglect or refuse to go further. In fact, very few ever go further. All new students like to remain in the fourth degree, as it is their only chance to read people's mind. Watch them closely and suggest to them to take another deep breath and go on. When you observe another deep breath has been taken, with full expiration, you will know they are in the fifth, the independent clairvoyant degree, and if there is any doubt in your mind you may dispel it by sending your students to visit some friends, letting them rest a moment and then have them describe their home and state what room they are sitting in, etc. You can then telephone your friends and ascertain positively whether your students are in the fifth degree, for if so your friends will verify what has been told to you. The greatest work ever done through clairvoyance is accomplished in the sixth degree, the deep trance degree,--where a true, born clairvoyant can answer any question you ask him, even the most profound question relating to the philosophies. In the fifth degree a student can go with a thought to any place you suggest but in the sixth degree they do not have to go anywhere for they say everywhere is present, proving to us in this degree the omnipresence of God and mind.
The student should not enter into the seventh degree until he has seen it done. The only trouble I ever noticed with students was that they thought they were everywhere and that everywhere was here. They thought they knew everything there was to know, and the invariable answer would be that there was nowhere else to go. Some American scientists have criticised this critical point, stating that omnipresence was all proof and that I was at the end of all suggestion. Being absolutely certain of my position and having witnessed over two hundred demonstrations of suspended animation, I projected with some co-workers into the seventh degree where they were in a spiritual condition and while their minds were at rest in complete suspension I obtained my positive proof of God and man, of the Church of God, and the man of God. Students in this degree lost all trace of a material world as well as of sin and sorrow. They gave me all the proof necessary to convince me that the instinctive mind was completely suspended and the spiritual mind was grading and merging into the celestial mind,--causing neck and spine both to become rigid.
Do not forget that when the instinctive mind is suspended, it does not mean suspended animation. Suspended animation comes only at the end of the twelfth degree or twelfth round of the "Golden Ladder."
The seventh degree is the celestial degree, where we get our most profound philosophy. On one occasion my wife gave the audience the most beautiful talk from this plane that I ever heard. It was after she had gone through the seventh, eighth, ninth, ten, eleventh and twelfth degrees, heart stilled as in death for four minutes and fifty-six seconds and came back through those degrees and stopped in the seventh and told us some of the things she saw and learned while out of the body. Truly it was wonderful. I cannot take time and space in this article to give it to you, except to tell you that when you leave the seventh or celestial degree and in the eighth degree, you are in a coma. This is likewise true in the ninth. In the ninth your neck becomes rigid caused by the functioning of the Kundalini and the Celestial mind. Sometimes the spine and neck become rigid in the ninth just as it did in the sixth. When the Kundalini fails to function before the ninth, it never fails from thereon. In the tenth it functions in the throat and you can plainly hear the death rattle in the throat. Then in the eleventh it goes to the frontal region. The eyes open and set as though never to close again. The students then have one more deep respiration and they are in the twelfth degree and the last plane where the heart stops beating and the hands and feet become cold. This is where and how I, personally, spent forty-eight hours in eternity, which experience I will briefly give at close of this article. In this experience when we reached the seventh plane the Masters said, "This is Heaven, where dwells the White Brotherhood whose membership is Jesus and his Disciples also Krishna and thousands of other Disciples of the Absolute. It is the home of the Saints, who have reached the Holy Grail."
Paul made the address of welcome and said: "These Disciples can go to any and all planes in the Eternal Realm in their spiritual body and when necessary go back to the earth plane in their spiritual bodies." I remember thinking the seventh degree should be called the home of the angels, for truly, they were there.
The "Golden Ladder" with its twelve steps is symbolical but very necessary in order to explain to the human mind the continuity of life. Millions of souls can prove through projection all that I have said thus far, but suspended animation proves the ascension from the seventh plane on through all of the heavenly planes and how the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth degrees correspond with the different planes and positively prove that on the seventh plane where all those who were immortals on this earth plane are master teachers, full of love that knows no evil and walk daily with God and teach others divine wisdom to complete understanding, for only then can any soul go with its spirit body through the remaining five degrees and visit those planes beyond the seventh. If it were not true, people who project could come back and tell you what we who have suspended animation can tell you of celestial degrees that are only available to the angels in heaven,--except through suspended animation. Every statement I make from this plane on is as true as the angels in heaven are true and just what you will see when you have finished life's journey provided, however, IT IS FINISHED.
Now to all creeds and sects, true seekers of the Holy Grail, let me say that there is but one true source of infinite life of which we are all partakers. It is, however, divided into many stages as I am showing you.
When you desire to accomplish something through suggestion, know what degree to work in,--which Key and which Round of the Ladder. Then let your desires be the controlling impulse to do only the will of God as you give your suggestion to your student. They will no longer have the desire to trespass against God's law. That kind of suggestion brings results, purifies the soul and endures forever. Why? Because a purified soul is free from material desire. You then enjoy divine power and love by right of possession and you are in tune for the doing of God's work, healing, teaching or preaching. A purified soul, being a record of divine mind (with ecstasy, faith, hope and sublime strength, willing and believing) influences sick people, cures the blind and lame and fills them with joy. It is God's divine gift through suggestion and prayer, showing the power of mind and spirit over mind as well as mind over matter. You have to accept that statement; it is part of one great universal law that cannot be changed, added to or taken from. You may trespass but you cannot break God's law. One thing more you must agree to,--that it is the spirit of God acting through the student and the teacher, the patient and the healer.
Why do millions fail to suspend animation or to heal the sick? It is because they do not through faith confidently hold the desire in their soul as well as in their mind until they visualize it FULFILLED. First receive in spirit their desire; second, conceive it as a perfect idea in soul; third, your desire-prayer is fulfilled. The human soul must function on the divine plane until it has purified itself by concentrating with purified thoughts and prayers on the God that produced you, to heal you. "Be ye as perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect." The minute you merge into God consciousness there is no pain, sickness nor death. Jesus said that life did not end with the grave.
Some of you have observed the work of healing when it was instantaneous. That is when you realize the kingdom of God within. It is then suggested to you that you be free and sometimes instantly you feel a great load is lifted from the heart, no struggle, no strife. You feel yourself letting go; you feel happy through faith, love, hope and confidence. Then a light comes to you and illumines your soul and your eyes being the expression of your soul, beam with joy. You feel as if you want nothing in this material world. The next minute you possess everything in the infinite world and you at once have peace and poise about you which signifies love and faith for and in the divine intelligence which healed you and made you whole. It is the knowledge that comes through power of man through faith until he recognizes the God within and becomes Christ-like in spirit and in mind. Then it is that heaven opens and truth comes to the sick, lame, sinners and students. They realize something has happened,--a sense of divinity, and that they are an instrument of Deity; that universal life flows through them, and a feeling of sublimity dwells in their hearts.
I will now give you the greatest Hindu suggestion I ever gave in public: When you take a suggestion from a Master, healer, teacher, preacher or a dose of medicine from a medico, it having been suggested by any of them that you would get such and such results; seize that thought, concentrate your mind on that thought, embrace that thought, hold it until it makes you happy and adorns you with a uniform of purity that meets the approval of the guardian angel who watches over and guides your footsteps. When that is done, it is that which takes place when you are healed. That statement, word for word, has been testified to by more than a million souls in the last hundred years in occult schools.
I would not set a price on what I learned in India, that is, if it would deprive me of its use and benefits. I mean, the knowledge which was both human and divine, knowledge which was gained by experience; that divine wisdom which means divine intelligence, the infinite understanding of basic principles which are true in the animal kingdom, in the spiritual and all other kingdoms by continuity through time and eternity in all circumstances.
I learned that mysticism is no mystery to a student who understands the divine law of suggestion, because he knows how to use suggestion to obtain and interpret every phenomenon as a divine law, instead of so-called miracle.
The object of this article is to tell you how I learned it and how I proved it. While I was in school in India the Masters called for volunteers to accompany the leading Master out of his body into the spiritual and spend forty-eight hours behind the screen with the veil lifted, flying like thought through infinite space, investigating life beyond this earth plane. It was there and then that J. M., J. S., a Hindu and I, four anxious souls, fearless investigators, accepted the invitation and qualified for projection and suspended animation. I can never forget that day, nor would I if I could, when we left our bodies in a cool, ventilated room in the east wing of the temple, in care of one of the Masters. We said to our Master and leader: "Where you lead us we will follow." In the forty-eight hours that we were gone out of our bodies our experiences were many, but they were glorious and more than I can give you in this article, but perhaps ten minutes will suffice to give you an idea of what you get through suspended animation. I would to God that I might turn on the divine searchlight that illuminated the golden stair and the ethereal spaces through which our leader took us and let you see what we saw on that eventful flight. You could then realize in all its wonderful glory the realities of life after this departure instead of the vague and indefinite idea you now have.
Those hours of suspended animation gave me the opportunity of my life to understand and realize what I had been many years studying, the things I had contemplated, concentrated on and visualized but never positively knew or experienced until those forty-eight hours when I proved it unto myself.
One of the greatest truths I learned was that life is the visible expression of spirit-power. That was where our God-given spirits showed us that heavenly plane where soul dwellers have psychic clairvoyance and realize it as their normal conditions. It was during this time that our Master showed us that those who were taught contemplation, concentration, visualization and meditation, found the secret key of Confidence which is the connecting link between knowledge and wisdom, which unlocks the door of Knowledge and admits one to the sacred chamber where many and varied experiences are had in the school of Knowledge wherein you conceive clearly all that the human mind can attain by experience. You are then given the key which unlocks the door of Wisdom, where, through meditation in the sacred chamber of Divine Intelligence we realize our atonement with God and comply with His divine law by further study of suggestion through concentration, visualization, meditation and realization. Then it came to pass that divine intelligence taught our souls how to reach forth and obtain the crowning glory of man's knowledge and God's wisdom. I, for the first time, became conscious of a self-consciousness and as I observed God's eternal infinitude I had the desire to follow my Master's suggestion. And, so it was, for with the secret Key found in the school of Wisdom and the pass word, "Realization," we were admitted to the door that led on to the Temple of God where infinite light, shining like golden chandeliers swinging from the infinite portals of heaven, illuminating that bewildering scene of enchantment so delightful, fascinating and enthralling, a fairy-land of paradise.
Well do I remember, it was there, with the secret Key, "Realization," that we unlocked the door of Mysticism into the sacred chamber of Complete Understanding, and there we found the Key to Divine Wisdom with which we solved the problems of Eternal Life. It was then we sympathized with unbelievers and turned to a plane or condition shown us by our leader, where we viewed the Celestial Throne on which was mounted a symbol of the Arc of Safety, over it the Royal Arch in the seven colors of the rainbow and through this arch was woven a Word that thrilled us to the very verge of shouting as we exclaimed with conscious consciousness: "Behold the LOST WORD." With the Lost Word we received the Master Key. The Royal Arch in the colors of the rainbow looked like a natural one in the sky, beautiful beyond description and we stood revealed before the infinite intelligence as our celestial mind contacted that scene. The eye of Sheva beheld the whole of the law with no limitation because it was infinite, a vivid and positive reality.
We have been given the Lost Word in the sixth degree of the secret order but it made but little impression upon us until we met it face to face. We were then and there told why man thought he lost the Word, and why in truth and in fact it was never lost and never will be as long as it dwells in man's own bosom alone with him and God. But when man becomes ignorant of his divine identity and wanders away from his Garden of Paradise, tangling the threads of his divine inspiration, he forgets the Word and believes it lost until he has a doubt in his mind which causes him to stop and reflect and change his course and concentrate on that thought until he loses himself in thought. Then comes the fourth dimension--Divine Inspiration. Then comes truth and divine light illumines the way to a wisdom of an enlightened soul going forth in concentration, which means drawing to a center where God, enclosure of all continents, castes, creeds, and compassionators, and love covers all the world in existence. It is there that you understand the journey of the soul through every stage of life to that universal soul where you find yourself, and rest in peace in the shelter of eternity where Jehovah dwells, never again to reincarnate and for the first time see and realize the Lost Word. It is then we are shown this most beautiful motto revealed in the seven colors of the rainbow: "IT IS FINISHED."
We realized through divine wisdom before we got the Lost Word, who and what man is, but with the Lost Word, we realized WHY he is, and from that day on through eternity there is no mystery, there are no miracles, and there is no death. There IS a God and there IS a Fountainhead back of everything. Infinite love and divine intelligence is the cause of God being in everything that was ever created. God was that Fountainhead before anything was produced.
Before we left on our return to earth and to our bodies, we were admonished not to listen to any suggestions but peace and good will. We were told that those which promote happiness, love, everything was pure to those who are pure. That God's love was the only pure love and all other loves were either fondness, emotions, passions, admiration, or friendship. There is but one love in all this universe and that love is enough for eternity. When you love divinely you realize God's supply of golden treasure. Divine love is the fruit of the spirit and binds up the wounds of humanity, holding nations together in the interest of humanity and brings peace and prosperity to the world. It is the pulse of the world and the heart of the universe.
God's love searches out the arid spots of the human heart and like unto magic, it redeems humanity. Infinite love makes you realize that in the invisible, universal substance in which we live and move and have our being, is every good and perfect thing that man can desire. The divine principles of love never fail to meet every demand of the heart and eliminate every sorrow.
The Tree of Life is a symbol, symbolizing Paradise and the generous fruit contained is love. How long that love will await its fulfillment only the Recording Angels know. It was they who told us such love comes but once in a universe of time and sometimes never, according to the law of compensation. That is why love at first sight sinks deepest into the heart. When love at first sight does come, it comes as a perfect love of a soul for a soul, a love that accepts this world of events as divine and immortal existence. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a pure, divine lover. Such love as hers may cause a woman to bathe your feet with her tears and dry them with her hair. The saddest thought on earth is that ONLY such love brings forth love children. Love children develop a feeling of sublimity. That is what created Jesus Christ. All love marriages are recorded in heaven. We were told that one who has ever loved and lost will never themselves be lost. Therein lies the law of compensation and the Guardian Angels in heaven look after them always, and always is a long, long time.
One thing more I must tell you. There was an infinite light so illuminating that it reminded me of the Roentgen ray, for it laid our human and divine souls bare and developed us, like developing a photograph into clear sight that we might see ourselves as God sees us, our inner selves, self-psychic analysis where we could see the motive behind the deed and observe the environment of individual souls, knowing all and forgiving everything.
In conclusion, my hope is that this article on suspended animation has contained a few injunctions that will show you a brighter light, a plainer road to travel in this material world. In grasping the purpose and meaning of my suggestions together with God's divine injunctions I hope that you will forget the popular, spectacular, and sensational hypnotism that has caused much prejudice among the unsophisticated, unlearned and uneducated people.
I never heard the word hypnotism used during my two and one-half years study of philosophy in India, yet hypnosis is worth its weight in gold. My angel mother tried to suggest a million purified, constructive thoughts into my sub-conscious mind. Some of them worked over time more than she ever knew. I sometimes think we are hypnotized into this life, hypnotized all the way through it and sometimes out of it. Suggestion produces action.
How can you do what I have done? First, memorize it to your mind; second, mind must convey it to your intellect, intellect conveys it to your understanding self, then self conveys it to the God within and that Divine within conveys it to that Universal Soul. You cannot learn all from books for the best has never been written. A part of this lesson has never been told outside of the city of Marthraw, Persia and Egypt. Science alone could not do this. True enough, science discovers until it reaches the Absolute Unity, then science ceases, while the Absolute is eternal.
REMEMBER--direct Perception gives the right meaning; Inspiration gives the right word; Intuition gives the right conclusion; Discrimination saves from error.
I have only had time to give you a glimpse, as it were, behind the screen, for truly it was glorious to be there and they said they were glad we came. My first words spoken when we returned to our bodies were spoken in a whisper: "That Golden Path to Heaven; My Faith Sustained Me." That evening at a conference of all the teachers with a full class attendance, nearly three hundred anxious souls thrilled with joy over our safe return to our bodies from our first journey. The Master said that so far as they knew I had coined the phrase: "The Golden Path to Heaven Through Faith." Therefore, they passed a resolution adopting a new motto: "Faith, The Golden Path To Heaven." It was framed and hung on the wall of the Temple.
There is nothing new in this article. It has always been in India, Egypt and Persia. I believe that Imperator Lewis will join me in extending congratulations and salutations to all those who follow or excel us in our work. While I remain on this earth I shall remain true to the Universal Brotherhood and when I pass on I shall join the White Brotherhood.
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