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[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1933]
It is our sad duty to announce that we have lost the close personal contact of one of our beloved brothers, Dr. James D. Ward of San Antonio, Texas, who closed this earthly incarnation on Friday, January 13 last. Dr. Ward was not only a member of the Grand Council of our organization but in personal and professional life was one of the unusual characters of this country.
He was born in Irving, Illinois, and went to San Antonio, Texas, fifty-one years ago as an understudy army surgeon. He had studied medicine in Leipsic and Berlin and later went to India to study in the mystery schools and scientific academies and was the only living American graduate of three of these Indian schools and universities in Calcutta, and Bombay and for years held the position of American representative extraordinary of the Rosicrucian and the Fra. Lechas mystical organizations of that country.
He became a major in the Medical Corps of the United States Army and was known throughout the southern part of America as a miracle worker in cases so extraordinary that other schools of medicine and other physicians sent to him patients with apparently incurable conditions. Most of his time during the retired portion of his life was given to humanitarian work and in addition to his medical practice he was one of America's outstanding attorneys.
Being a descendant of the family of the noted statesman, Stephen Douglas, and a school mate of the Vice-President, Charles Curtis, he believed the study of law would aid him in the great work he was doing as a Rosicrucian and a representative of the mystery schools of India. Among the many famous legal cases won by him was the case of Madeline Polard against Colonel Breckenridge, Governor of Kentucky, and he was a prosecuting attorney under Grover Cleveland.
At the funeral services conducted by the pastor of the Immanuel Baptist Church there were present active and honorary pallbearers from all of the professional and scientific walks of life who took this opportunity of paying their high respects to him for the last time. Surviving Dr. Ward are his widow, also an active member of the Rosicrucian Order, two daughters, and a son. Dr. Ward gave of his seventy-one years of earthly life, the utmost that was in him for the good of the human race and he has left behind him a monument that will ever remain as a testimony to the high ideals of his life.

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