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Ever-Living Truth

By Peter Wolfe
[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1938]
EDITOR'S NOTE:--Peter Wolfe is a nationally known author, and has contributed articles, stories, and verse to many leading periodicals. At this time he has several books ready for publication. Through his course in the technique of story-writing, he has been the means of helping many who have literary aspirations. Further information regarding Mr. Wolfe may be obtained from The Rosicrucian Digest.
LONG ago, when the Incas builded on the Andes, and when the Mayas watched the stars from their observatory temples, there was a living truth that gave vitality to their lives and to their ancient empires. This truth was at first kept from the masses, but as the centuries passed, teachers arose and spoke directly to the people. These teachers, Moses, LaoTze, Confucius, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ and Kukulcan, have given essentially the same message. This message was also taught by the rishis or forest seers of India, and is preached by the sanyassins or free spirits of today along the banks of the Ganges.
Essentially the message is this: Man is an immortal spirit, free in his inmost essence, though bound in appearance. That which binds him is self-limitation, not divine punishment; but he grows through struggle with his limitations. Any man or woman anywhere can grow through this character-creating struggle, can become something finer than the average of mankind, and with no limit to this growth.
There is a universal truth. In fact truth must be universal to be true--and in the proportion that man attains to this truth he is free of the self-imposed limitations that hamper him.
Despite the limitations that harass you, you are an immortal spirit, and you can liberate yourself by an appeal to this universal truth. This truth is called by theologians God; by science it is called Law; by astronomers it is called Mathematics; by mystics it is called Love.
Look for this Law and set it in operation in your life and you will begin to change for the better at once. Look for God, for Law, for Numbers (or Harmony). In social life look for Love which expresses itself in mutual aid or cooperation.
Do not however, dear friend, rest with merely recognizing the universal Law. Try also to express it in specific situations or instances. That is, be more logical or scientific in your thinking. Be more affectionate and considerate in your personal and social life; thus calling into play the law of Love. And seek for God, or the Absolute, in all things--so that you will be completely centered in truth.
There is also another important aspect of truth. Harmony or balance in the arts leads to the creation of beauty, and beauty is a mighty factor in lifting the soul to the heights of real achievement.
Try to realize this. You, now--wherever you are--you are an immortal spirit. Nothing can destroy you, the real selfhood in you. There is a dynamic spirit in your being that cannot be reached by disaster. It is this Self which you must find and cherish.
You can see at once that this is a very inspiring belief. But practically all modern psychologists as well as all ancient teachers concur in this teaching. "Character is destiny," they say--see Stefan Zweig's recent "Life of Mary Stuart." You really make yourself. If you are frank with self-analysis you will find this to be so. The hard part of this teaching is that your limitations are self made. So, my dear friend, if you accept the first part of this teaching, that you are immortal, you must accept the disagreeable truth that no one is holding you back but yourself. Stop, therefore, finding fault with external conditions and begin working with yourself.
This process is called recreating the individual, and it is a strictly individual achievement, which neither the state nor the church can complete, though undoubtedly they can help.
This is living philosophy. It is living in you.
You are potentially divine. Recognize the spirit of God, of Truth, in you--and then begin to give it expression. Works as well as faith.
This truth is the pearl of great price spoken of in the gospels.
This truth however is not to be taken as "religious truth." It is the living truth of all life everywhere and forever.
* * *
Strength lies in the absence of fear, not in the quantity of flesh and muscle we may have on our bodies.--Mahatma Gandhi.

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