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[From The Rosicrucian Digest October 1947]
God gives men wisdom as he gives them gold; his treasure house is not the mint but the mine.--Arabian Proverb
Wisdom is one thing. It is to know the thought by which all things through all are guided.--Heraclitus
Then the Soul escapes from erring, mortal ways; absorbed into the unchanging, she is unchanging, and that is the state of the Soul called Wisdom.--Socrates
And this is wisdom, for a man to preserve that divine spirit which is within him serene and undefiled, and above all pains or pleasures.--Marcus Aurelius
Grant me, O Lord, heavenly wisdom, that I may learn above all things to seek and to find thee; above all things to relish and to love thee; and to think of all other things as being what indeed they are, at the disposal of thy wisdom.--Thomas a Kempis
Wisdom is the substantiality of the Spirit. The Spirit wears it as a garment and becomes revealed thereby.--Boehme
Since the light of heaven is divine truth, therefore also that light is divine wisdom....--Swedenborg
Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.--Spurgeon
So long as God seems to be outside and far away, there is ignorance; but when God is realized within, that is true wisdom.--Sri Ramakrishna

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