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What Is The Cosmic?

[From The Rosicrucian Digest February 1931]
Many of our members find it difficult to explain to others what we mean when we use the word "Cosmic." Einstein and other scientists have been using the word "Cosmic" very freely of late, and we often find it in newspaper and magazine articles in connection with scientific statements. When the word "Cosmic" is used by these other persons, it is intended to have a slightly different meaning than when we use it. Let us, therefore, make this distinction.
When science refers to the Cosmic, it is referring to Cosmology and the heavenly phenomena. They mean particularly the planets and heavenly bodies, the stars, comets, and other visible things, and those certain manifestations of Cosmic principles such as the so-called law of gravitation, light, heat, deflected waves of light, etc.
When we refer to the Cosmic we refer to the universal law and power that is back of all of the cosmological manifestations. In other words, we deal with the Cosmic forces and laws, while the scientists deal only with the outer objective manifestations of these powers and laws.
The scientists are dealing with the material aspects of the expression of the power and laws, while we are dealing with the Cosmic Essence and fundamental principles back of all such expressions. Cosmic power passes through and causes many manifestations in man and his consciousness, as well as in the planets and heavenly bodies.
The Cosmic power is a Divine Essence and the Cosmic laws are Divine laws operating in and controlling not only the outer, objective things of the heavens, but all things that exist in the universe and on the surface of the earth.

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