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Within the Heart

 By Frater Joseph J. Weed
[From The Rosicrucian Digest May 1943]
IN one of the Rosicrucian ceremonies the Chaplain reads a beautiful prayer which opens with the following sentence--"God of our hearts, who dwelleth in the light to which we would approach." The prayer has not only great beauty but a profound significance. I wonder how many have given it thought.
Why do we say "God of our hearts"? Why our hearts? Why not our heads? Or our brains? Or our souls? And why do we say "who dwelleth in the light"? What ideas are behind this strange phrasing? Let us see.
We have heard the heart likened to a temple. A temple? A temple is a place of worship--a shrine. It is dedicated to or contains something sacred. Does our heart contain something sacred? Let us look within the heart and see if we can find out.
In order that we may perform this little experiment properly, I would suggest that each one of you relax and come along with me in spirit as you follow my words.
Now turn your mind inward to your heart. Visualize it throbbing steadily there within you. Approach close to it and move within it. How sweet is the heart! How marvelously sweet and safe it feels here within the heart. What a powerful protection the heart must be that one should feel so safe within it. Truly the heart is our strength. Let us resolve ever to seek protection here when danger threatens.
But now impressions begin to reach our eyes--our visual sense. Is that the vague form of a beautiful building before us? Can it be the temple of the heart? Let us go nearer. How lovely it is! But how old! It must have been built long ago. And it seems long unused and not very well cared for. What a shame! Let us decide to renew this beautiful temple and ever to care for it henceforth. Right now we cannot delay. We must pursue our investigation. With a firm resolve to return and clean out the debris of centuries which litters this sacred place, let us proceed.
The Temple of the Heart
Up the broad steps and through the main entrance we go. We push aside the heavy metal-like drapery and step inside. What a difference! The dim light, the dust under foot, the strange dead air and the stillness. Such stillness and such peace.
We realize gradually we are standing in a corridor; gaining confidence we move forward along the arched way, raising feathery particles of dust at every step. We pass door-ways to the right and left--but these can wait. Our objective is the large gold curtain hanging from the last arch. What is behind it? We reach it and hesitate. We push against its heavy weight and with an effort part the folds. A strange light strikes our eyes and our nerves are set atingle by the electric-like radiance that falls upon us. Bravely we step past the curtain and enter the inner chamber of the temple.
Here the silence seems even more intense. The walls to the right and left move away from us and disappear into the gloom. No ceiling is visible above our heads but before us there is a low platform up two or three steps from the floor. In the center of this platform there rises a flame. It is a small flame, it is true, but of an unearthly color and brilliance and a quality that makes itself felt and heard as well as seen. Timidly and reverently we approach the altar and mount the steps. Slowly we approach the flame and yet our innermost wisdom tells us to have no fear--that this flame burns only the impure. What is this strange flame whose magical radiance bathes us with energy and renews our every fiber right to the very core of our being? Is not this the light within? Is it not the direct link with the Higher World? May it not be the very channel to our Creator, the way to the "God of our Hearts"?
How bravely this tiny flame shines in the murky gloom of this great temple! How vigorously it sends out its rays although untended these many years! What folly on our part that we have not visited it often and learn to nourish it to ever greater brilliance! Let us resolve to tend it carefully in the future that it may grow and grow to the mighty column of cosmic light for which this amazing temple has been constructed. Then its rays will dispel the shadows in the temple and filtering through the temple walls will renew and re-create our bodies and minds. We will be born again, born again of the Holy Spirit Whose radiance will illumine our consciousness and understanding.
Can this be what is meant by the words, "God of our hearts who dwelleth in the light"? Is this the long sought link with the Higher World, the World of Angels? If so, then in the heart lies our strength, our shield and buckler. It is our sanctuary from attack. It is the warning bell that ever sounds when danger is near. It is the unfailing guide on the unknown path.
The Font of the Temple
Let us ever have recourse to the heart for here is the font of wisdom and understanding; and let us accept the dictates of the heart as true guidance. But who can speak of the heart without thinking of love? Let us accept love as the best impetus for the expansion of our consciousness. The heart will not be aflame without love. It will not be indestructible. It will not be self-sacrificing without this most fitting fuel. The path of love is truly the tension of cosmic energy itself. Through this tension we will find our place in the cosmic realm.
But knowing love, the flaming heart must also overcome fear. It is important that every aspect of fear be conquered. Fear not only diminishes the fire of the heart but like other negative qualities it creates a negative magnet which persistently impels the individual along the pathway of the object of its fear. If you fear anything you will be inevitably compelled to meet just this horror time and time again until the fear has exhausted itself or has been overcome and controlled. Therefore, the wise man seeks to free himself from all fear. And why should one fear? Truly the flaming heart is powerful protection against all attack, the link with Hierarchy is ample safe-guard at all times. Ask a knowing man, an observant man, what has most warned him of danger and safe guarded him against error. He will answer, "the heart." He will not name the brain or reason. Only the limited intelligence today relies upon conventionally rationalized deductions but the heart is filled with intuition. It is the true path to cosmic consciousness.
The Secrets of the Temple
But you ask, "How do we attain to the temple of the heart? How do we find entry to its sacred confines?" Precisely as we did a few minutes ago. The experienced Fathers advise us to "ceaselessly revolve the name of the Lord in our hearts as lightning whirls in space before rain." A Holy Father continues his counsel, "breathing through the lungs conducts the air to the heart. Thus be seated and concentrating the mind lead it in this direction. Force it, by breathing inward, to penetrate into the very heart together with the air inhaled, and keep it there, not permitting it to leave, much as it would want to. Keeping it there, do not leave it idle, but give it sacred words such as the AUM, and sacred thoughts. Carefully guard against all unworthy thoughts."
The sacred instruction proceeds to tell that once you have succeeded in penetrating the heart by this means, or as we have earlier mentioned, do not forsake the practice, but continue it religiously as long as you live.
Wisdom of the Heart
After having learned the sweetness of contact with the heart and having heard its protective warning, one must heed the heart's direction. Let us not ignore the warnings of the heart. The sensitive heart reacts consciously to all tremors, even those from the farthest space. Is it surprising then in these days of conflict that many of us complain of a pain in our hearts? Do not be ashamed to rest the heart. When, unexpectedly and apparently without reason, you feel tired or fatigued, relax momentarily, lie down if you can for a few moments and rest the heart. Let it refresh itself after the conflict. Who knows what energies it needed to expend in order to protect you precisely at that very time when all seemed serene.
Look to the heart for guidance. Abide by the judgment of the heart. Seek the wisdom of the heart and it will not fail you. Discrimination is necessary to distinguish between inner heartfelt guidance and trivial sentimentality. Guard against sentimentality. Its cloying stickiness hinders the action of the heart.
Let not vanity and pride anesthetize the eager heart. Their numbing selfishness leaves only a dead heart. Cultivate the virtues of meekness and humbleness and the heart will blossom within you and fierily reach forward into the future to temper the very events that your lives encounter. Seek ever the heart in sincerity and unselfishness, with purity and devotion, and the broad way of achievement that leads to Illumination will open before you.
These thoughts, brothers and sisters, learned in our contact with the heart, learned in our journey into its very essence, are beautifully expressed in that fiery volume entitled "Heart." From the same advanced intellect responsible for the book "Heart," come also these following recommendations and instructions.
Power of Thought
In seeking the way of the heart people frequently have failed to understand which pathway, which energy serves as the deciding factor. Know now that in the entire manifested universe from the smallest passing wish of the tiniest child right on up to the greatest of the flaming suns in the heavens, the basic factor is thought. Thought, brothers and sisters, simply thought. "It can alter Karma, it can determine dates, it opens gates and it can close them."
"The alteration of Karma is regarded as an impossibility by many, but they err, because they forget about heavenly justice. I assure you it is possible to experience instantly the highest realizations. Where foot can tread, there thought can fly. Thought verily creates life."
Therefore, with our thoughts, let us create and mark the pathway to the heart. Let us turn our thoughts to the higher things, to the higher worlds, and seek the ever-open doorway to the cosmic which exists within the heart. Let us do this today, let us not wait.
"Many people become pious as they realize they draw near to the crossing over into the life to come. They fail to discern that such a hurried bribery borders upon blasphemy. In this case there is no attempt at the realization of the higher world, but merely a hurried payment for the best place. The wise man begins his approach to transition in the very earliest days of his earthly life, and not by conventional rites but by the prayer of the heart draws near to the World of Beauty until it becomes a daily sustenance."
Many people, even some who should know better, who have been trained in the Rosicrucian school or in some other mystic work, consider it possible to postpone their attempts towards self-perfection in thinking. But they are wrong. The beginning must be made now. "The test of all thought is the quality of our earthly thinking. One should not attempt at any time to enter the subtle world in a confused and distracted state; but when the consciousness is clear it leads upward just as the lighter gases lift a balloon. No one and no thing can hold in the lower strata a steadfast consciousness which strives for good" Therefore, let us not postpone the correction of our thinking, let us direct it today to the higher worlds and to higher thoughts. Let us direct it to the Good.
Psychic Communication
Unquestionably many of you have been asked about the psychic world. These questions are various, but one that occurs most frequently is the problem of the contact or the possibility of contact between earthly life and the psychic realms. You will be right if you say that such contact occurs in all places at all times and is continuous. Every earthly action creates its correspondence in the psychic world. "Each earthly thought arouses either joy and assistance or malevolence and destructive sendings from the psychic world, depending upon its own character."
But, one will ask: "If contact with the psychic world is continuous, how can I become most conscious of this contact?" Meditation in quiet about the highest things is the simplest approach. Furthermore, when confusion takes possession of the world this is truly the best remedy for oneself and one's brothers. "Such communion inevitably attracts a multitude of listeners, co-workers as it were, and therefore one must be careful to exclude all egoism from the prayer that is offered. The best prayers are always those of self-denial and desire for good."
Strive to understand the world around you. Try to know why events occur and what part you yourself have played in bringing them into concrete reality. Think, friends; and thinking direct your thoughts in an upward spiral to the Good, remembering always that the door is ever open and that through the heart lies the best path.

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