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 By Joseph J. Weed, F.R.C.
(Grand Councilor of A.M.O.R.C. for the North Atlantic States)
[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1948]
THIS is a warning and a plea. A warning as to what may very well happen and a plea for action on our part to help prevent it.
This planet, our world, is not in good condition. It would need not much of a blowup to set off a chain reaction which could destroy it. But it need not happen--in fact, it will not happen, if enough people are sufficiently unselfish and far-sighted to want to help the world, and in so doing to help themselves. Let me explain.
Some of you know that it is possible to observe, under certain lights, how the thoughts of a person and of those around him cause vibratory changes to occur in his aura; that is, in the magnetic field around him. It has been demonstrated that when the subject was holding thoughts of love and well-being and peace his aura became steady and shone with a white or a blue light. Then, as the experiment progressed and negative thoughts were held, thoughts of fear, of worry, or of simply plain annoyance, the aura became troubled, its radiations became agitated and its color changed to a duller tone, shot with grays and browns. Then, finally, as the climax was reached and the subject was urged to feel angry and, if possible, think thoughts of hate, one could see the violent agitation in his aura. It became dark, and dull red flashes flickered in it like distant lightning in the clouds.
Some of you have seen these things and can vouch for their accuracy. But do you realize their significance? Have you ever said to yourself, "What effect do these destructive thoughts which so clearly influence and change the aura have upon me and the world about me?" If you could ever see clearly the chaotic and destructive effect of what we call "negative thinking," you would try your utmost never to hold such thoughts again.
Thoughts are by their very nature either creative or destructive. If your thoughts are not building something they are very probably destroying something. That is why we are told to "think positively," to concentrate on the positive side of thought. By all means do so to the best of your ability. But it is necessary to pause often to observe the negative side, in order to realize and appreciate the violent destruction the wrong kind of thinking can bring.
Just as the thoughts of hate and fear influence and change your aura, so they also influence and alter your physical body--and, what is more, the physical world around you. You say, "How does this occur?" Well, just in this way:

Disease and Mass Thinking
Many diseases are now attributed, either directly or indirectly, to a low level in human thought. Each war has brought its quota of new diseases. These are more the result of the fear, worry, and anxiety so universally prevalent in wartime than they are of the lack of sanitation, or mass movements of humanity, and other causes usually cited by the medical profession. Anyone who persistently holds thoughts of malice, fear, or hatred dominant in his consciousness is almost certain to become ill. In the same way, when large numbers of people live in almost constant dread, their mass thinking affects the aura of the community, and in spite of every counter measure, this frequently results in the outbreak of a plague or some form of contagious disease. These diseases have tended to take varying forms in the world history even though the causes were fairly similar, because of the effects of the radiations in different cycles. At the present time, for example, and for the past thirty years the diseases have struck mostly the nose, throat, and pulmonary organs.
As you know, energy follows thought, even negative or destructive energy, and therefore the type of contagious disease prevalent in certain definite localities is the direct result of the low grade thinking of the people in that locality. Most of the plagues that have struck the human race and also those we know today as unnecessary pests have the same origin. But these effects are not only on the surface. They strike deeper. There is a possibility that the dull red flashes induced by the thoughts of anger and hatred in the aura of the experimenter, when allowed to rule unchecked the hearts of many, find a counterpart, a responsive stirring in the fires within the earth itself. These fires have been nourished and fed and stimulated these many years now, by the striving and hatred and anger of man towards man, and they are beginning to burst their bonds.
Many times in the past, according to tradition, has this earth been all but denuded of human life, for all practical purposes, destroyed. The sinking of Atlantis was only the most recent; before it there were floods and other cataclysms. Whether or not science accepts these records, science has substituted nothing reasonable for the origin of these stories.

Dedication of Selves
One million steadfast loving hearts can save the world! The fire of love is the highest and strongest force on this planet. The high vibratory rate of the fire of love can absorb and convert all lower fiery forces. Our love can do this but what is necessary is application to the task, a dedication of self to service. What greater service is there than to humanity itself, to the saving of its very existence? Let us then act steadfastly and all together in being strong and firm. A flaming heart has no room in it for pettiness or pride, for resentment or anger, annoyance or dislike. Think loving thoughts. Fill your hearts with the fire of love, love for humanity, love for the world, love for God. For just as the human aura becomes calm and clear and bright when exposed to the love of the human heart, so will the aura, the magnetic field, of the earth itself become calmer and clearer as the healing force of love flows from your hearts and interpenetrates to the lowest depths. The danger will pass, the smouldering inner fires will grow dim and submit once again to control, the magnetic atmosphere of the world will become clearer; it will assume a finer, rarer quality.
A sense of love within the heart is necessary. Its warmth must be felt. Then a willingness to serve and a dedication to this purpose are next in order. But this means action, not vague emotional feeling but actual deeds, restraint, and sacrifices. You ask what or how?

Friction in Homes
Each one of you lives in close relationship with some one other person or group. In most cases this is the family, husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter. It is right here that your work should begin. The courts of the land, judges, educators, priests, ministers, rabbis, all who are in close contact with domestic relations testify that there is more strife and friction in the home today than ever before. This is understandable but not excusable. In almost every instance one unselfish and completely dedicated individual in a group can absorb and eliminate the friction within the group. Even if that group be composed of only two, the most basic of all groups, wife and husband. Surely, it is difficult. There are many times when unfairness and seeming injustice must be overlooked, and when it will seem that this very big-heartedness and sacrifice on your part is taken advantage of and greater burdens placed upon you. But accept them without rancor. Do not strike back. The only road to the elimination of friction is the road of self-sacrifice, and if it is not your sacrifice, then it must be that of another. Never let it be said that you have placed your burden on the shoulders of someone else. Carry not only your own but do your best to help the burden of others. And begin this service right in your own home. The message is clear. Do not let any one of you say, "But this does not apply to me." It applies to every one of us--equally.

Make Victory Personal
Do these things for yourself and for the world. Only a million pure-hearted, dedicated workers are needed and the world will be reborn. So great is the power of love!
But failure looms as a possibility. There are not yet enough who have dedicated themselves to this constructive task. But where can recruits be found in greater numbers than among the thousands of you mystically trained brothers and sisters of the Rosy Cross? Truly here is an army fully armed and ready. You are soldiers who need never fire a shot. The battleground is within each one of you, right at the threshold of your heart. Overcome the dark threats of fear and irritation, impatience and dislike, anger and hatred, distrust and envy, and all of the other low and degrading thoughts and emotions; drive them defeated from the field so that love can rule there alone and unchallenged. If you achieve this victory in your own heart, it is achieved likewise on that larger field, the planetary field of action. Go, therefore, and lift on high the banner of service to humanity. May the warmth of the fire of love fill your hearts and cleanse them and purify them and strengthen them to fight to a glorious victory!

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