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True and False Astrology

[From The American Rosae Crucis May 1920]
Astrology is another one of the sciences--for a science it has become in its modern use of every scientific principle of mathematics and astronomy--which is becoming more and more popular and, fortunately, more understood and appreciated.
But there is a false astrology, or rather a false practice and understanding of it which is a relic of the days of superstition, and this must be frustrated in its grip and effects upon the minds of the unknowing.
No longer does the advanced astrologer say that in the stars--in the planets and their aspects--lies the fate of all men. In fact, modern astrology does not teach or tolerate the idea of fatalism. The most experienced astrologer, he who has made careful observations of the working out of hundreds of natal horoscopes, will say that "personality is fate, character is destiny."
Man is not the plaything of the beams of Cosmic vibrations which cross one another and touch him in a most subtle manner; nor is he the free-thinker and master of his destiny that some egotists believe. There is a happy medium. Planetary influences may tend to direct and urge at times, may even insist upon their impulses being dominant at times, but man has the privilege of choosing between right and wrong, between this and that, and in his thinking and choosing, he may or may not be yielding to a planetary urge or impulse.
"Some men live their horoscopes," says an eminent authority, and he might just as well have said "some men yield to all impulses whether they come from within or without." Such men are either of primitive minds or have dethroned their reasoning. The difference between man and beast is the ability to reason. Reasoning means giving careful consideration to the impulse, desire, need, effect and result. With this ability and granting the tendency of planetary vibrations to cause impulses or desires within the heart of man, man is still free from involuntary servitude to the planets.
The modern, scientific horoscope will show only the tendencies which the inner and outer man may have to contend with, and possibly his ability to cope with them and reason. No matter what the tendencies may be in a horoscope, if there is an indication of a strong will and a good brain for reasoning, the individual will rule his tendencies and modify them. This is the point that so many astrologers have overlooked in the past.
And then--there is the Master within. What of him? The impulses and urges from within the soul of man are more dependable and surely more helpful for the advancement of man than the vibrations from any planet. When man learns to listen to the small voice from within he will be less affected by planetary aspects. Can astrology help in this regard? Only by taking into consideration the past incarnation of the individual--and each accurate horoscope should throw much light on this point.

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