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God and Nature

By Cianis V. Tortig, F. R. C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest November 1937]
Have you heard the Teacher answer when the Seeker questions in the Chambers of the Mind?
"What is the difference between God and Nature?" asks the Seeker within. And the teacher soundlessly answers:
"God is the Infinite, sourceless Power, Mind, and Energy from which all things spring. 'Nature' is a series of emanations or manifestations of God forming 'natural Laws' which are more nearly within the scope of man's comprehension; and which he may sense if he fails to comprehend.
"God is the Universe. Nature is a set of instruments with which the student attempts to measure or classify the Universe.
"God is the great Mathematician. Nature is the set of tables of multiplication, etc., which He gives his children that they may take the first steps toward a comprehension of his reasoning.
"God is a King. Nature is a list of mandates sent to the subjects who may never see Him.
"God is the First Inventor. Nature is a set of brief veiled notes which He has left, and through which we try to understand some of His simplest inventions."
These are the things the Teacher reveals to the Seeker when they walk together along the paths of the mind.

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