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Man--A Creator!

By Frater John Tiel, F.R.C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest May 1930]
DURING the month of March, just past, there appeared in all the principal newspapers of the United States a startling announcement to the effect that an eminent physician and scientist believed he had discovered a method whereby the scientist in his laboratory might artificially or spontaneously create life. With proper credit to the scientific minds of the present day we question whether the newspapers have correctly quoted the scientists, and we are positive from the interview given by the scientists that the headlines on these newspapers wilfully misrepresented the exact shade of his meaning. He says that while working with a certain water element secured on the coast of Japan and used in the preparation of medicinal necessities, he discovered a primitive form of life evolving out of a dry and lifeless powder. He further said that his investigation of this strange occurrence led him to believe that he had found the origin and primitive form of the first living matter to be created out of non-living matter in the days when life first began on this planet.
We are not very deeply concerned with his laboratory experiments, for these were conducted long ago not only by the Rosicrucians of the past periods but even in our own modern days in our Rosicrucian laboratories in New York many years ago. Furthermore, the experiments of Loeb and Littlefield, and later of Dr. Littlefield independently, demonstrated the Rosicrucian principles that are given forth in our teachings as being sound and in accordance with natural Law. What we are concerned about is the impression that these newspaper items have made on the minds of millions of persons and the false conclusions that many will draw from the brief statements of the experiments.
The headlines in the newspapers would tend to make one believe that man may become a creator in a new way. The very thought is startling to some. Man--a Creator! We know that the fundamentalists will raise their hands in horror and proclaim the thought blasphemy and condemn the experimenter to the ranks of the atheists and the outcasts for all time. The more tolerant persons will smile and recall that scientific speculation is one thing and actual demonstration is another.
After all, however, man is a creator, and in this he is just less than God. In the first place, man was created by the Creator of all beings to continue the creative work on this earth plane. His very life is a Divine mission preordained to be filled with the work of creating. Man has the creative power of God consciousness and he has been given the greatest privileges that God can bestow upon man--the privilege of creating man in his own image as God created man. It may be argued that man in creating man is merely reproducing himself, as do the most simple forms of plant and animal life, and it may be argued that man does not actually create but merely subdivides and reproduces that which was already created. It may further be argued that man cannot create man out of nothing as it is supposed God created man, and that, therefore, man cannot equal the great creative work of the God of all beings.
But God did not create something out of nothing. Least of all was man a creature of nothing. Before man was created, God was, and the God consciousness was, and God's life was. Man was, therefore, created wholly as an extension, a continuation, and a projection of God's own life force and consciousness. Man, in creating and reproducing himself, is continuing that original creative process, and he has been given the privilege to use that process and to discriminate as to when, and where, and how. In these privileges and powers, man is certainly a godlike being and most surely a creature in the image and likeness of God.
Back of all creative processes in the material expression is the conceptional creation in the mind, the intellect, and the consciousness. In fact, it is in the mind that all real creations have their concept and their origin. Thus it was with God, thus it will ever be with God and man. And if we are to marvel at the creations of God and the things which He so beautifully and wonderfully brought together out of chaos and out of darkness into light, our wonder and admiration must be directed and focalized more upon the magnificence and majesty, the beneficence and unselfishness of the mental concept in the consciousness of God which preceded the physical creation.
All of God's creation is in accordance with a Divine plan so complex from the earthly point of view and yet so beautifully and geometrically simple from the Cosmic point of view that it is still the subject of the most extended research and the most devoted adoration. It is the most sublime and transcendental fact in the whole book of spiritual knowledge. That God should have deemed it justifiable and should have been willing to extend his own consciousness and creative powers into multiple forms of higher and lower life in this universe is the most astonishing fact facing every student of Cosmic and spiritual Law. As students of Spirituality and spiritual principles, we can never cease singing the glory of the mighty conceptions in the mind of God preceding the beginning of creative expression.
At the same time, however, we must not lose sight of the fact that the mind of man is a part of the mind of God, and the mind of man is capable of marvelous conception and creative functionings little suspected by the average person, and occasionally applied and used by those who have learned of the great Power residing within their earthly beings. It is of this creative part of man and of this power to create that I would call your attention at this time.
When man uses all of the mental, spiritual, infinite creative power of his Divine consciousness, he is a marvelous creator and is actually cooperating with God in the further development of the universe and the building of God's kingdom on earth. When you stop to think of the achievements made by man since the dawn of his history on earth, you will see that he has gradually mastered and harnessed, and applied the forces and principles of the earth. For centuries, the rapid flow of water through the rivers and over the falls was a source of danger, annoyance, and trouble to primitive man, who tried to live on the banks of rivers. Today, man has learned how to control, direct, and apply that great force to his benefit and he now lights his home, operates machinery, and finds heat and power through that great force that once threatened to annihilate him. He has learned how to take the invisible and unknown vibrations out of the air and accumulate them through dynamos and batteries, and brought this invisible power into his control for his greater use. He has learned how to make the soil obey his wishes; he has learned how to utilize the winds that once destroyed the things he possessed but which now serve him in giving him further power and energy. He has learned how to take the gross, rugged, useless minerals of the earth and heat them and mold them to forms of utility. In all of the things that he has created and accomplished, the first great step was the mental concept or the creative power of his mind. The mind of man is unlimited and limitless in its creative possibilities. It is not too much to say that whatever man may conceive of and create in his mind, he can materialize eventually if he uses it for the creative powers resident within his being. In all of this creative work, man has not been a rival of God nor has he disregarded a Divine Power by supplanting it with a unique power of his own. He has simply used the creative power of God within him and has been the messenger of God on earth carrying out God's further plans of creation.
When men and women come to realize that the concentration of their creative thoughts and infinite power of mind can build up out of the intangible elements of the Divine consciousness a thing that can become a tangible and actual thing in our material life, then these men and women will realize the Divine origin that is theirs and the creative power that is their natural and Divine birthright. In every sense man is a creator, and in the Divine sense he is a part of God, creating for God in accordance with God's plans.

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