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They Learned of Love

 By Theodeti
[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1945]
IN THAT peaceful and beautiful kingdom which lies just north of the Mountains of Silence there lived one Niarb, a man learned in the lore of the Secret Sciences and a tireless seeker for the Letter of Truth deeply buried within the half forgotten Mysteries of Life.
The greater portion of his days had been spent in study, in profound and painstaking research into the archives of the past and the workshops of the trained, scientific thinker. This was his World, this and the lecture room where, with steady voice and assured demeanor, he spoke to the eager-eyed young novices as they sat cross-legged on the floor and nodded their turban-crowned heads in response to his expressed wisdom.
Yes, Niarb was learned and respected, a man rightly accounted wise by all who knew him. As he stood, surrounded by his disciples, one could see reflected in their faces the light shed by this great intellect, as the Teacher spoke of Love.
It was just at the close of the class, and throughout the discourse the subject of Love had been portrayed with all of the thoroughness and ingenuity as could be accomplished only through the mind and researches of a master thinker. It had been presented from every possible point of the intellectual compass and had been so clearly analyzed and synthesized that all could with ease see the structure and framework of the processes which gave it form and connected it with the All that Is.
Finishing the discourse, Niarb stepped down from the low dais and with slow dignity walked toward the door, as a pathway was opened before him by his respectful and awe-inspired students.
It was just at the moment of stepping from the doorway into the sun-lit courtyard that discord entered the well-ordered world builded by Niarb. It was only a minor discord and one which passed with but fleeting notice, but it did cause a momentary feeling of irritation. A small boy had blocked the Teacher's exit, a tearful and sobbing small boy who, with unthinking step, clumsily stumbled against the person of the Master of Learning. Niarb, absorbed in the subject of his lecture, barely noticed the burden being carried in the small, brown arms of the heartbroken child. It was limp and had once been a dog before accident had overtaken it. The small body responded lifelessly to the childish embraces of its little master who blindly, impulsively, was carrying it home.
Niarb passed on. He had lectured well and felt sure that he had covered the subject of Love thoroughly.

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