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Daring To Do

By Frater Howard Steele
[From The Rosicrucian Digest January 1930]
SOMEWHERE in the early Grades of our study I learned an old Rosicrucian proverb, which said: "If you dare to do, the Cosmic will give you the power to do." I wonder how many have ever analyzed the mighty truthfulness of this law and how many have ever tested it in a practical way.
The explanation of the law is simple. Once we have learned how to do things and when to do them, and have learned how the law of compensation operates and that there is an inevitable price to be paid for everything we do that is wrong, and an unexpected reward credited to us whenever we do the thing that is right, we are prepared by this knowledge to do things. If in the face of our knowledge of the foregoing, we dare to do anything, we will find ourselves suddenly in possession of the power to do it. Of course, the real significance of the law lies in the fact that with the knowledge we possess of all natural laws, and all methods of producing definite results, we seldom dare to do things that we should not do, and usually dare to do only those things that are right to do.
Perhaps the easiest way to realize the significance is to think of the opposite of the statement. The opposite thought might be expressed in this wise: "Fearing to do, we find ourselves unable to do." Now the truthfulness of the proverb becomes apparent. More of us in this life are deprived of the power to do things through our fear than are given power to do things through our daring. My own personal observation in my life and in the lives of many around me in my business and social affairs, has shown me that more men and women are enslaved to their positions and unable to attain the heights they should attain, through the fear they have than those who have been Cosmically blessed and rewarded with an unusual power to surmount all obstacles and attain greater heights. In fact, only about one person out of a thousand has prepared himself by study and development to dare to do the things that others fear to do, and fully 999 out of a thousand stand trembling, hesitating, and intimidated because of the fear that is in their hearts and minds.
In testing the working of the law, I have found many unique demonstrations, or perhaps I should say illustrations, of the beneficence of this great law. I remember the first surprising demonstration of it when I was confronted with the opportunity to meet an emergency in someone else's life by taking the very last dollar from my personal reserve funds and impulsively giving it to the needy one. For an hour my mind vacillated between what must have been a Cosmic impulse to give and give freely, and an earthly impulse to be mindful of my own future, my own present obligations, and an ever pending emergency that would call for every dollar I could secure. But in my final analysis of the matter, my studies with the Rosicrucian teachings made plain to me that the law of compensation would not forget my impulsive act and would not punish me for a good deed. There came to my mind no thought of a reward for the goodness I might do, but merely the assurance that I would not suffer if I did what was right. In other words, the teachings removed the fear that held back my impulsiveness, and with the fear removed, I dared to do that which I had feared to do, and which any other average man in my position would have feared also to do. Daring to do, however, I drew from my account every dollar I possessed and placed it quickly into the hands of my friend. Long before he could possibly return any portion of what I had given him, and long before the amount of money I had given him could have earned any dividends for me in any form of an investment, there come, unexpectedly, from a distant relative, a gift in money of an amount slightly in excess of what I had given my friend.
After such a demonstration I tested the law in many ways. I have yet to find that it ever fails. Whenever I have dared to do an impulsive thing, I have found myself capable of doing it with a power, with an ability, or with means and facilities, that seemed to come to my aid from unusual channels.
Whenever I dare to promise that I will do something at a later date, instead of being fearful that I may not be able to meet my obligation, I rest peacefully in the fulfillment of the law; and in each and every case at the propitious moment, the Cosmic has made it possible for me to meet my obligation, and meet it efficiently and with honor, dignity, and joy.
Last year, one of my closest friends and a member of our Order listened to my discussion of this law and dared to make reservations for the Rosicrucian trip to Egypt. Before the day for the final purchase of the ticket, the ability to fulfill the promise proved the efficacy of the law again. In another case, a member in our group hesitated to take her savings and use them for the trip to Egypt, although the longing in her heart to go and the urge to accept this great opportunity seemed to be the dream of her life; but finally she dared to do the thing that seemed to be held back by a groundless fear. Impulsively she united with the party and enjoyed the tour immensely, only to find when she returned to her home that unexpected conditions had provided her with funds that amply compensated for the taking of her life savings to purchase the ticket.
I have found, and I think that you will agree with me if you analyze our lives, that fear of the unknown, and even doubt of the justice of all Cosmic laws, causes most of us to hesitate in doing things we are inspired or urged to do, or to wilfully do other things that are contrary to Cosmic law and principle.
We are taught in sacred scripture that God loveth a cheerful giver. It means that God loves one who gives without hesitancy, without fear, without being convinced through long arguments, or without a reluctant attitude. It is merely another way of saying that the Cosmic blesses the one who dares to do. While the one who fears will call our sudden acts impulsive, and claim that we are not rational or reasonable in yielding to such temptations, the truth of the matter is that the mystic who knows the laws and is, therefore, prepared to dare to do anything that is right, knows also that all impulses that are generous in their action, beneficent in their effect, humanitarian in their nature, and constructive in their thought are Cosmic inspirations and divine urges. To these we must yield without hesitancy, or fail to meet the opportunity through our reasoning, our doubting, and our fearing. The more spontaneous the yielding, the more attuned with the Cosmic urge our act, the more speedy will be the Cosmic reaction. Daring to do gives us the power, the means, the assurance, and the facilities wherewith to do, and to continue doing. Fear begets its reward from itself, and produces nothing that it did not have, and brings no blessing in its wake, no satisfaction, no accomplishment, and no contribution to the working out of Cosmic plans.
Dare to do with all the daring that is in your nature! Yield to the urges that come to you through the voice of the silent self within, or the voice of the friend and guide from without. By knowing the law, dare to do, and continue daring, if you would reach the heights and know the fulfillment of all the laws.

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