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[From The Rosicrucian Digest April 1943]
The sun moves through the twelve signs of the Zodiac in reverse order every 26,000 years. It takes the sun 2,100 years to pass through each one of these signs. These facts are based on astronomy and astrology. The sun today is changing from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aquarius; or, from the Piscean to the Aquarian age.
It is conceded by all critical students that the sun entered the Zodiacal sign Taurus in the days of our historic Adam; that Abraham lived not far from the beginning of the Arian age, when the sun entered the sign Aries. About the time of the rise of the Roman Empire, the sun entered the sign Pisces and the Piscean Age began. Early in the Piscean (Fishes) Age Jesus of Nazareth lived.
The exact time of the beginning of each age is not agreed upon by all astronomers. The Aquarian Age is generally conceded to start somewhere around 1950-75 and will last 2,100 years. Aquarius is an air sign and as the New Age is approaching, the world is already being given remarkable inventions for the use of air, electricity, magnetism, etc. The Aquarian Age is pre-eminently a spiritual age, and the spiritual side will be emphasized for the great multitude of humanity. During the Aquarian Age there will be many advanced stages of spiritual consciousness.--Scribe.

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