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[From The Mystic Triangle May 1927]
We wish to call the attention of our members to the fact that it is possible for them to get some very interesting reading matter and some helpful information in regard to our Order.
The Occult Digest, published in Chicago, and sold on the news stands or through book stores throughout the country, has in its April, 1927, issue the first installment of an article called "The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, the Secret Hand of the Rosicrucians in the United States." This is a complete story in two installments of the first Rosicrucians who came to America in 1694 and the wonderful work they did for America in the establishment of the American institutions and of the AMORC. The article was written by Mr. O. A. Seaver, a newspaper feature writer who investigated the Order in Tampa and whose story has been published in a number of American newspapers. The second installment will appear in the May issue of the Occult Digest and our readers should have these installments of this magazine to show their friends and others who may ask about the AMORC and its unique standing in America as well as throughout the world.
So we recommend that our members buy these two issues of the Occult Digest, which sell for 25c per copy. Remittance can be sent direct to the Occult Digest, 1904 North Clarke Street, Chicago, Illinois, for these two copies of the magazine. You may find the April issue still on the news stand in your locality, but if you do not you can be sure of getting both issues by writing to the publishing company.
The Occult Digest proposes to run a number of important articles on Rosicrucians. It is now about to publish, in serial form, a very old and intensely interesting book written by Franz Hartmann, M. D., entitled "In the Pronaos of the Temple." This is one of his great Rosicrucian books and it is difficult to buy. So we recommend that our members subscribe to the Occult Digest and secure the installments of this story and of the other Rosicrucian stories and articles which they will publish during the coming year. By subscribing at the present time and sending the special subscription price of $2.50, (given to our members exclusively) for one year, and asking them to begin your subscription with the issue for April, 1927, you will secure the two copies containing the story of the Order in addition to the articles which are to appear later. On the other hand, if you do not wish to subscribe for a year by all means send the fifty cents and get the April and May issues and preserve those two copies with the story of our Order in them to show to your friends and others, because you will be proud of what the Rosicrucians have done in America and are still doing.
When you write to the Occult Digest be sure to say you are a member of AMORC and that you wrote at our suggestion and are therefore entitled to special consideration.
Webmaster's Note: "In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom" by Franz Hartmann is on-line here (external link).

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