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Minute Thoughts

By Martha Pingel, Ph.D. 

[From The Rosicrucian Digest December 1961]
Weep not, O man, that you cross a threshold, for you are a part of the eternal world of Life, Light, and Love!
Once, long ago, I heard the sea, steady and rhythmical, washing over the rocks, keeping time with the movement of life and death in all of nature.  As the waters ebbed and flowed, they told of all creation, everlasting and beautiful, and their message was deep and unforgettable, for it spoke to the soul.
Now, in the still, sad quiet of the mountains, I hear the same soft message in the whispering of the wind in the pines.  Here, the ebb and flow come with the mists, which come gently, and slowly, over the snow-capped peaks and down into the valleys.  Or in the hot desert wind that moves steadily toward the plains, never ceasing its faint humming as it travels over the land.
Trees in the forest may fall; summer birds may come and go; friends may vanish; and all things change before our eyes.  But always there is the steady sound of eternity, whispered in the wind or shouted in the waves; the message of the flowers, the birds, the trees, the rocks, the rivers:  Life and death are but two sides of the same coin.  They are expressions of the eternal, spoken in brief lessons so that we may hear and understand, and not lose faith or hope in the daily struggle with ourselves and the world.
For man who reads the Book of Nature reads of all nations and peoples.  He comes to know the God of his heart and the God of all hearts as the same, and to accept Life, Light, and Love everlasting.


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