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By Martha Pingel, Ph.D.

[From The Rosicrucian Digest June 1961]
Although I possess no vision of my own, I record whatever passes before me.  I cannot speak; yet I am questioned by all who look at me.  There is scarcely a person who does not seek my approval, but many will not accept my impartial verdict.  For some of my ingredients people have sold their souls; yet, in myself, I am valueless.
If I lose even a fraction of my usefulness through careless treatment or old age, I am quickly discarded.  Yet man can find truth within me if he will search for it.  I have no body and soul but all bodies and souls fall within my view.  If a man learns to read me correctly, he will be attuned to all other men who seek for Truth.
The motives of those who face me vary; but are not hidden from me.  The past, the present, and the future of all mankind pass in front of me.  Without me, the world might seem more secure, but much less interesting.  I am the questioner, the Revealer of Answers, the Hidden, and the Obvious.  And you hold the key to self-understanding whenever you come into my presence.
After a moment of thought, can you determine the meaning of the riddle?  Or is that meaning hidden, indistinct, unknown to you?  Before you answer, ask yourself how well you have followed Socrates' dictum: "Know Thyself"; and how often you have searched for your image, not as it appears to other men, but as it is when you are alone and in communion with that which lies deep within you.
Then, the answer will come to you, for it is in the mirror that the riddle of self-understanding can be solved.  It is the mirror, held to life, that life utilizes for its unfolding.

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