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Strange Psychic Powers

Personal Account of Phenomenal Demonstrations in India
Dhanjishaw D. Patell, F. R. C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest June 1959]
Dhanjishaw D. Patell was born in Bombay, but has an intelligent understanding of the occultism and mysticism of the West as well as of the East.  Professionally, he had early training in architecture and engineering but his artistic talent soon associated him with cinematography.  Some of his motion pictures have been produced in three languages--English, Hindi, and Bengali.
Mr. Patell has for some years now served as Inspector General of the international Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, for Bombay, India.
RECENTLY, friends informed me that a certain woman, Balayogini Sarasvati Amma, performs miracles.  Out of curiosity, I went to see her.  I witnessed the miracle.
In India the Yogis are great exponents and past Masters in the Mystic art.  The powers which they develop and make use of are called Sidhis.
Thousands of years ago, these facts happened even more than they do today.  An illiterate person could and can attain to such high state of spiritual power without going to any school or university and without reading any Scripture.
Such persons have always existed in India and do even now.  We all have read much about clairvoyance, telepathy, projections, healing, and so forth.  But only those who have witnessed these mighty performances can adequately appreciate them.  It is not a freak of nature, for a person is born with some powers.
Now, I have met this person, Balayogini Sarasvati Amma (mother), who is attracting thousands of people.  They come to consult her about their conditions of life or progress.  She has extraordinary power of turning "Kumkum" (which Indian ladies apply on the forehead) into grey or sandalwood powder, when she places it in the hands of people seeking her blessings.  There is always such an expression of divine motherliness in her manner, while she is giving her blessings, that the people believe that Mother Lakshmi must be incarnate in this woman's body.
In the palms of persons I have watched the kumkum change into grey, and also into small silver and gold images.  If persons seek a cure for their ailments, the kumkum may turn into pills.  This phenomenon happens in the twinkling of an eye.  (See page 238)
One day I watched her very closely, as she went into her deep sleep.  After a simple prayer, and bowing to her deity, she squat on the floor in devoted concentration.  In a few minutes some indistinct humming sound began to emanate from her.  Her face became smeared with sandalwood powder, without any external aid.  She then sat on a chair with an empty plate on her lap which she proceeded to fill just by running her hair through her fingers--the hair now being full of sandalwood powder.  This she distributed as 'prasad' to the people.
When I myself approached her for the blessing, she dropped a pinch of sandalwood powder on my palm.  To my surprise, a small gold phial appeared.  Phial and statuette are not given to one and all, but only to those who are fortunate enough to receive such.
I could offer no explanation for this phenomenon, but of one thing I was certain that nothing was pre-arranged.  You can stand behind her, beside her, or in front of her.  She permits you to run your fingers through the small plate full of sandalwood powder or kumkum from which she produces the gold and silver statuettes.
Surely, these facts provide serious thought to the inquiring mind.  All this is only too real, and its evidence more abundant than one cares to believe of invisible influences which are ever here but which we little understand.
A miracle is something which excites astonishment concerning this wonderful Hidden Treasure still unexplored.
Those who are far advanced in the attainment of higher powers, and the unusual manifestations resulting therefrom, have never generalized them into a system or science.
When the materialist says that this is impossible, remember the words of Napoleon, "Impossible is the adjective of fools."  Believe in the mind and its possibilities.  How great are the wonders of this World!  With efforts, faith, and patience one can gain such marvelous powers.  We have already inherited such Hidden Treasure as a birthright to use for the betterment of mankind.
It is said that Balayogini Sarasvati Amma entered the Cosmic Consciousness at the age of seven and is now about 45.  She was born of poor parents who named her Lakshmi.  The father was a goldsmith in the Padubidri Village in the South Kanara District, Mysore State.  At seven she went to the village school.  As a student, she was more interested in worshiping the image made in stones, collected on her way to school along with other children, rather than the routine studies.  She speaks only Tulu and Kanara languages.
She was married at the age of eight.  Soon thereafter she became an orphan and was obliged to stay with her husband.  Lakshmi was re-named Sarasvati Amma at her husband's place.  Unfortunately, she lost her husband at the age of twelve, and moved to her elder sister's house.  There, the other occupants took objection to her worship, and her devotees.  For this opposition, she was in penance.  She fasted for a period of three years, living on water only--thereby she obtained supernatural powers to cure the sufferings of the people.
As far as is known to us she has not received initiation from a Guru.  No study of any Shastric Text or of any religious discourse has illuminated the field of her knowledge.
One day about 34 years ago, almost the entire population of her small village came out of their homes to watch a little girl distribute to her friends some pebbles which had been collected after she prayed.  The pebbles turned into sweets and fruits the minute they dropped on the palms of the children.  A mighty power seemed always to be working in the background.
Balayogini Sarasvati Amma has made herself absolutely free to advance the cause of the helpless and oppressed, of the sick and destitute, as well as to help those who suffer from various physical and mental maladies.  For her services there is no fee.  She does not seek worldly prosperity and always remains unconcerned about the result of her work.
All people, rich or poor, may flock to her.  To those who are distressed owing to other worldly troubles, her motherly anxiety to give them relief takes shape in various acts.
Her genial and sweet appearance, uncommon patience and endurance, ever-joyful way of dealing with men, women, and children, as well as her clear vision, mean good to all living beings.  She loves all without thought of caste, creed, community, or nation.
Is it possible for man to explain all things in words?  The world has the idea of a Personal God or Goddess, and with it comes devotion and worship.  The idea of devotion and worship is universal to a higher being who can reflect the love for man.  This gives a good example of Balayogini Sarasvati Amma's efficacy of prayer.  But one must have the deep faith of a child.  Pure faith takes root in the mind because prayer issues forth from the soul.  Through devotion the real spirit of prayer awakens in one's soul when the Divine Grace manifests itself in the desired results.  In the lives of the inspired teachers and prophets, we find frequent descriptions of miraculous events, and the powers of a true Yogi are unlimited.
So, if we could spend the whole of our time and energy in studying phenomena, we could never arrive at any satisfactory conclusion or be able to see things as they are in reality.
The usual study of the world of phenomena no longer satisfies me, for science cannot reveal the ultimate truth.


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