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Points in Thinking

By John Palazzotto, F.R.C.
National Councilor for The Indian Association of America, Inc.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest February 1951]
- The wisdom of others is comprised mostly of our own inner promptings, rejected by ourselves.
- You insult yourself when you harbor bad feelings.
- In a long estrangement, an easy victory goes to the one who first breaks the ice.
- Every failure brings you closer to success--persistent effort wins.
- Silence does not necessarily imply ignorance.  Jesus was silent before Pontius Pilate.  Yet, he knew, more than anyone else, as to what was occurring.
- The lonelier the man, the greater his view of the brotherhood of men.
- It is impossible to appear sane before all.  There are too many people with too many concepts.  Be yourself.  Follow your own inner promptings.
- Greatness is to possess the child-mind.  It is a calamity to lose it.
- A questioning mind is the greatest detecting apparatus in existence.
- An important part of growth is our being jostled about.
- Every kindness shown is a touchdown, a basket, a point, a hit, etc., for the human race.  Run up your score in kindness.
- With every temptation comes the power to overcome it.
- No obstacles mean no growth.
- You may close man's ears, but truth will still speak to him.

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