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Constructive Thinking

By Frater Harold Ortwald
[From The Rosicrucian Digest August 1930]
It is important that our thoughts, in order to be of benefit and help to us, must be more than thoughts of peace, love, health, and happiness. They must not be passive thoughts but active ones, and they must be creative and constructive.
In the days when the eminent French psychologists were benefitting so many through their formulas of affirmations, it was noticeable that the affirmations selected by these authorities were not ones which were merely passive. They did not say: “I am well; I am happy; I am prosperous.” They had the constructive creative element in them and were worded in this way: “I am becoming healthy day by day; I am becoming more happy each month; I am becoming more prosperous.”
Soon it was found that the affirmation had little to do with the success of the formula and that what was more important than the spoken words in such affirmations was the thought back of them. It was found that instead of making or stating these affirmations several times a day, if the person would hold the same constructive thought in mind the whole day long, greater results were obtained. Affirmations, therefore, as a formula for audible or inaudible use were soon abandoned and the truly mystical principles, as explained in all of our Rosicrucian teachings, were adopted.
As we go about our daily affairs, no matter what we may be doing, we should have in mind the fact that all of the universe is being recreated and reconstructed, and that as a miniature of the universe our own body is being recreated and reconstructed hourly. We should swing into line with these creative processes of the universe in whatever we are doing, we should think that our acts are part of the constructive processes of the universe and that we are creating for our future, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. As we rise from our bed in the morning, we should think that our breathing, our moving, our bathing, and finally our eating are creating a new body, new vitality, newer opportunities, and newer advancements in our affairs of life. We should constantly say to ourselves: “I am progressing; I am succeeding; I am bettering myself because I am bettering my environments through bettering my efforts and my accomplishments. I am making this day a success because I am making it fruitful, profitable, and contributory to the requirements of my own life and the lives of others.” I am going forward, is the thought that should be in the minds of every living creature. With such thoughts in mind our actions will become more constructive and we will hesitate to do any destructive thinking and there will be no place in our thoughts for destructive ideas or any emotions that are destructive, such as envy, hatred, anger, jealousy, or revenge.
Each hour of the day is an opportunity to start a new life, a new career, a new beginning.
Each day of the week is a new start in accomplishing the great aims of life and in creating and constructing the things which we would have in our lives.
Keeping the mind active in constructive thinking, looking forward instead of concentrating on the present period and getting away from the now into the future that is being built and made into actuality each moment, will quickly bring a change in our lives.

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