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 AN Old Legend
[From The American Rosae Crucis February 1916]
Once upon a time Mr. Satan was out walking, and in a beautiful valley he came across Mr. Bacchus, who was busy planting a vineyard.
"Good morning, Mr. Bacchus," Satan said, "what are you doing there?"
"Planting grapevines," Bacchus answered.
"What are grapevines good for?" Satan questioned.
"They produce a delicious berry that is enjoyable to eat," explained Bacchus, "the juice of which can be pressed out and is refreshing as a beverage."
"Ah, indeed!" said the demon, "that must be superb. Let us both work at it, and probably we can produce something worth while."
Bacchus had no objection and both cultivated a fine vineyard. As the grapes appeared Satan gazed at them with delight and suggested that they be consecrated for the use of mankind, who should know the original planters. They agreed to supply two articles each for the consecration ceremony.
Bacchus brought a lamb, which he killed, and sprinkled the flowing blood over the grapes. He likewise brought a roaring lion, which he stabbed, and sprinkled the blood over the grapes.
Satan then brought a chattering ape and a grunting swine. Slaughtering both he concluded the ceremony by sprinkling the blood of each over the grapes.
Mankind has since used the grapes as directed and the result has always been, that if we drink the first glass it leaves us innocent; the second will embolden us, like a lion; the third glass makes us open the tongue and chatter like a monkey; and the fourth glass brings the swine to the surface.

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