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Divine Attunement

By J. B. Nandi, F. R. C.
The Last Message from the Late Grand Master of India.
[From The Mystic Triangle December 1928]
Divine attunement is the blending of the human consciousness with Divine consciousness, the same as the waters of a river blend with those of a sea; and just as the waters of the sea can enter in and become one with the waters of the river, so the attributes and functions of Divinity can flow in and become one with the mentality of man.
The objective faculties of man, that is, his powers of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling are always limited; but when he is attuned with the Cosmic his faculties are endowed with unlimited powers. He can be cognizant of things happening at another part of the World; he can rightly interpret the meaning and motive of ancient, sacred writings; he can heal diseases by his touch, or by his vibrations from a great distance; and can perform wonders, which to an ordinary man of the world will appear to be supernatural. It requires long practice of concentration, the leading of a thoroughly pious and unselfish life, and the observance of the laws of health and morality to enable us to obtain this power. Such power of attunement can never be obtained by a materialist addicted to sordid pursuits of life for sensual gratification or selfish gain. None but a sincere and spiritual minded man, desiring to expand the glory of God and to serve mankind out of love and sympathy, can succeed in obtaining this Divine gift.
Over and above thus being conversant with, and controlling, the fine forces of nature, man can become attuned with the sublimer attribute of God that is His principle of love for all His creatures, the celestial bliss, ecstasy, and peace of mind of which there is no comparison in the World. Any one who has felt this elysian satisfaction, even for a short time, shall never forget it during his life, and shall not desire any earthly honor, glory, or wealth. He can clearly and doubtlessly perceive his own inner, spiritual self, and can understand his relationship with God and the world. By continually being merged into such a serene and heavenly state of mind, man forgets his own personality, and his idea of self is gradually eliminated. He finds himself as one with all the creatures of the world; a being guided and controlled by one all pervading, all knowing omnipotent force. This force is at this same time extremely kind, just, and merciful, and always works for good. To be of service to man this Divine Force (God) out of illimitable mercy and love, centres or focalizes in man. Such a man is always free from desires of worldly gain or interest, and tries his best to give to others the same light, life, and love of which he is the possessor. If I desire for wealth I cannot get it unless I ask for it from one who has it.
Such an inestimable Divine gift as the elimination of one's own idea of self, developed through innumerable incarnations by the law of evolution, and the attainment of a permanent condition of celestial bliss and happiness, cannot be obtained in any other way than by the direct contact and presence of God; and this is why the Great Masters, such as Lord Jesus, appear from time to time as the saviour of mankind. Blessed is the man who, not deriding his humble and unrecognized position, but through faith and devotion, seeks His favor and help.

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