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Rosicrucian Principles in Business

By Frater Harvey Miles, F.R.C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest January 1936]
SOME of the problems that seem to confront many of the Rosicrucian students and other students of mystical law are: How can we use these teachings in a business way? How can we apply Cosmic principles to gain material happiness? How can we approach the Divine Mind with financial problems? How can we present to the Masters and to those illuminated ones who encourage us to develop our spiritual natures and eliminate our material desires, wants, wishes, and the unrealities of the physical world, our business and financial worries and difficulties and not encroach on their dignity and not incur the wrath of God and the Cosmic laws?
Every Rosicrucian member who has carefully studied the fundamental teachings has learned that man is a counterpart of God, and that the only real God he can ever know is the God within his breast, or the God of his heart. Therefore, it behooves each student of God and nature to get as closely acquainted with this God of his heart as soon as he possibly can and keep up an intimate relationship with this inner, immortal self. The more familiar he becomes with his inner self, the nearer will he be to the Cosmic Mind and the more thoroughly will he understand when we say: "Contact the Cosmic for help and guidance." The Divine Mind is always present and is infusing your very being constantly. The difficulty you have in contacting the Cosmic lies within yourself, because you are always looking beyond yourself--beyond the God of your heart for wisdom and enlightenment, for advice and for knowledge of a Cosmic nature.
When people enter the business world, they do so for one purpose; that is, to obtain happiness and achieve some degree of recognition in the community in which they live. They desire a home and all the comforts of home life. They aspire to a high state of social standing. Their one object is to gain everything they possibly can in business that will give them the ultimate of success while they live in this material world, and we can see no reason why every individual with such aspirations should not have their wishes fulfilled; and he will so long as he cooperates with the Cosmic Laws and the Divine Mind, of which he is a part. But when he neglects his duty and rejects the impulses of the inner self and harkens not to the voice of his conscience, his unfortunate Karma begins, and gradually the individual who was fortunate and successful in business begins to lose power. He has financial reverses, his credit standing is lowered, his prestige in the community begins to wane, his health begins to fail, and finally he finds himself on the rock of destruction among the multitude of unfortunates, wondering how and why he got there.
The question is: "How can we use these laws and always be on the safe side, and always conform to the divine principle?"
There is an ancient custom found in all the old Rosicrucian records called "The Law of AMRA." This law became a sacred doctrine with the Egyptian people, and later with the Jews in their religious practices. It was finally adopted by branches of the Christian church. It was originally a mystical law and the Rosicrucians still hold it to be a mystical law, although many modern forms of religion have turned it into a purely material law. The law of AMRA is this:
If you pray to God or petition the Masters for any special help in sickness, worry, trial, tribulation, or poverty, and your prayer or petition is answered, you are obligated to make compensation not alone by a prayer of thankfulness, but by passing along to others some portion of the blessing you have received. If you have asked for an improvement in your health, relief from some pain or suffering, the gift of some material things, or help in your business and social position, then, according to the law of AMRA, you should tithe yourself either by setting aside a small amount of money, or of some material element, which can be used to make some other person happy or at Peace with the world. Unless this is done each time you receive a blessing through the Cosmic, you cannot rightfully petition in the future for any other blessing.
Undoubtedly, you want to know how you can use some of the laws of concentration and thought direction and the control of the occult forces in accomplishing your desired results, and I must say that our lessons are replete with these laws and principles, and little of the esoteric studies may be given in this manner. However, we will try to explain to you just how effectively you can apply some of the mystical teachings that are being received weekly by our members.
First, one must realize that around his body is a magnetic, vibratory energy, subtle but powerfully effective, and can be directed by his thoughts. This energy is either positive or negative, depending entirely on the nature of the individual and the strength of the WILL of the person. It also depends on the activities, the thoughts, the natural inclinations, the acts, and the general life one is leading. If one is kind, lovable, tolerant, friendly, and if his mind is always uplifting, this energy around the body is POSITIVE and of a CONSTRUCTIVE nature. If one expresses intolerance, is mean, selfish, lewd, coarse, wicked, and is dominated by hatred and unfriendliness, this energy is NEGATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE. It is not only destructive to the individual, but also to his family and those who are dependent upon him for the joy and happiness that should predominate in every home.
The secret of using this energy in business lies in his ability to harbor constructive, uplifting, inspiring thoughts. These thoughts are dynamic radiations of power, and they envelop all who come within a few feet of your presence. Everyone who enters your house, your room, your office, or your workshop, is affected by your thought vibrations, and the energy leaving your body and consciousness is either making a favorable impression upon your client or is causing him to repel any proposition you wish to make. Your vibrations are distasteful and repulsive if they are NEGATIVE, or they are appealing and attractive if POSITIVE.
By the power of your WILL you can increase the effect of this energy and inspire your patrons to have confidence in you and accept what you have to offer in the way of business propositions. The thought vibrations leaving your mind constantly bombard the receptive, auric field around the purchaser, and he will yield to your wishes under the pressure of a power that seems unfathomable to the uninitiated, and mysterious and mystical to those who would seem to understand. Even after your patrons have left your place of business, there remains an indelible impression on their consciousness, and if you were not successful in impressing your client with the particular business deal at once, you may rest assured that eventually the purchaser for your wares will return, and success will ultimately be yours.
If yours is a business that involves a great deal of financing and the transactions are large and of such a nature that the business could not be concluded in one day, when you retire in the evening, keep the transaction well fixed in your mind. Visualize the deal just the way you would have it. Create the complete transaction mentally. See that the entire business proposition is favorable to all concerned, the buyer as well as the seller. Visualize happiness for every person who will be affected by the transaction, and see smiling faces and joy predominating in the lives of every individual you wish to contact with your vibrations. Then, with this attitude in mind, turn the entire business deal over to the subjective mind and go to sleep full of confidence that if it is right with God and the Cosmic, of which you are a part, your wishes will be granted.
But do not forget the Law of AMRA.
James Allen gave us the complete law when he said:
"Mind is the Master-Power that molds and makes,
    And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The Tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
    Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:--
"He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
    Environment is but his looking-glass."

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