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[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1945]
The following is an excerpt from a letter written to AMORC by A. Cressy Morrison, author of the work, Man does not Stand Alone, and noted writer on similar subjects:
"A very interesting thing happened to me the other day, which will, I think, please you. I was feeding the pigeons in front of the Grand Central Station (New York City), when a young Canadian soldier stepped up to me and opened conversation. I found that our ideals were somewhat parallel, and finally he said he was a Rosicrucian: that he had taken the third degree, and that he believed in the Supreme Being, and that that thought would be with him when he reached the point of combat. He certainly was an upstanding citizen. He said his name was Fitzsimons and his address, Ontario, Canada. I was impressed by his attitude of mind, and felt that he had learned much from your teachings. Of course, I know nothing about the third degree, or anything else, except that you are a great Order."
Here was a common love in living things. It indicates that Rosicrucians, no matter where they may be throughout the world, are precipitated into sympathetic environments and inspiring associations, if they allow the idealism of the Order's teachings to motivate them. Keep your interests dominant in your consciousness, and you will become alert to all that in your daily life which will further them.

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