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The Mystic's Myriad Facets

By Sro. Genevieve Cherry McKay
[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1933]
TO THE LOVER of beauty there is not only a pleasurable sensation to the eye, but an aesthetic appreciation to the soul, in the sight of a pure, well-cut diamond gleaming in the sunlight. As the colorful scintillations reflect the glory of the sun, one thinks how like the diamond the true mystic is.
In the fire of test and trial he has purified himself, until now into his being, as into the crystal-clear jewel, Light may completely permeate. With the impurities burned away the diamond stands, a perfect vehicle for catching and reflecting light. And with desires purified, and dross expelled, the mystic stands, a medium for the reception and refraction of Divine Light.
By a knowledge of certain laws rough diamonds are cut to catch the maximum of light rays, and to reflect these rays so as to produce innumerable flashes of radiance. In much the same manner, the Rosicrucian, by the knowledge of certain mystical principles, may mould a personality attuned to receive the white Light of divine benediction, and to reflect this Light in myriad hues and shades of color.
Moving in a world of shifting ideals, varying moods, multiplicity of desires; the mystic finds here someone in sorrow and gives a ray of consolation; there he may pass another, hilariously indulging in the pleasures of the senses, and a sobering intensity of hue may reach that other from the mystic's darker range of radiance. The hurt and lonely child may find some happy sunshine in the mystic's cheerful mien, while the true seeker will find in him an understanding of profoundest depths.
Whether it be the cool blue emanation, telling of nobility; the flash of an emerald shade with its freshness of sympathy; or, perhaps, a luminous rose hue; each shaft of color tossed into the surrounding gloom forms the facet of the diamond, is like some ray of light the mystic may shed into the gloom of worldly doubt and trouble. One recipient of the mystic's evanescent light-colors may be a needy man feeling the pinch of utter want; another may be rich in earthly treasure yet destitute of health; the cynic may be pierced by some particular beam cast from one of the mystic's facets; or the plodder may receive some inspiration to fairly give him wings.
Thus, as we meditate upon the principles presented in so inimitable a fashion by our great Order; as we learn to lift the vibrations of our being up into the higher octaves of the Cosmic; as we feel the benedictions, the benefactions of the Divine stealing so sweetly into our consciousness we learn the added blessing of our power to reflect all this in our contacts with our fellow-beings.
We receive white glory from the eternal Light. Its dispersion is accomplished by psychic means within us, and we reflect its myriad colors by means of the triangle-facets of our being.

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