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By Sro. Elsa X. Jones
[From The Mystic Triangle August 1928]
MYSTICISM is spoken of as a "sixth sense," or an inner perceptive faculty which distinguishes man from the highest below him, and allies him to the highest above him. It, like the other five senses, has a function. This function is to perceive, and to afford food for thought. It is, therefore, a mystic sense, because it is mysterious, intuitive, recollective, emotional, speculative, imaginative, prophetic, and penetrative.
By, and through, the use of this mystic sense, we are able to enter into relationship with the psychic side of reality. It brings us in touch with the Cosmic, of which, we are a part. It gives us knowledge that is not of this world--knowledge that cannot be assimilated through the use of the other senses. It takes us behind the human affairs of life, into the Divine Heights and Altitudes of God's Great Cosmic World. It makes it possible to solve problems, which lie beyond the reach of the other senses, and without its development there is no progress or growth of the soul.
Mysticism is intuitive, because we, through special training in study, and in meditation, can become conscious, almost instantly, of the distinction, or discrimination, between the true and the false, between the real and the seeming, and Know that we know. Knowledge gained through meditation, as proof of this, is always made applicable to the condition proving itself.
Mysticism is imaginative, because long before men saw, they dreamed. The aeroplane was a vision before it was a fact, manifested in existence. The automobile too was a vision, a picture in mind, every detail of it, before it was a fact, manifested in existence. "Out of the imagination of the heart, cometh the issues of life." Imagination, in its mystical way, taketh right hold of the invisible mind substance, and through its mystical power of forming pictures, it molds this substance into forms which correspond to the patterns used. Probably a great deal that each of us possess was a vision before it was a fact. Yes, by this mystic sense we often perceive what will happen tomorrow, as though it were today. As this form of the mystic sense develops, we first see dimly, then with increasing clearness.
As a prophetic sense, giving knowledge of the future, there are plenty of instances of uncontestable perception of the future, and they are instances that are not results of suggestion.
Before I found the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, I had wanted this Great Light in Knowledge and understanding, it seemed there was something within that must know how to express itself; so much did I yearn and long for it, that in times of agonizing longing, I would send a call out into the Universe, out into the Cosmic realms, addressed to "Brothers and Sisters" to help me find the "Brotherhood" for this purpose. (I knew not then, why I said "Brothers and Sisters").
In two weeks time, I picked up a New York newspaper, and in looking over the Sunday services, my eyes glanced at once to the lectures advertised by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, (our beloved Imperator), here in New York in November, 1925. All this through no influence apparently visible. However, now I can understand, how this mysterious incident was undoubtedly brought about. (I could relate numerous incidents of the same kind, as most of us in this work can do).
Invisible Forces had heard the call from me, for "Light Behind the Portals." As far back as the year 1919, I had a vision of tall big iron gates, opening slowly, and beyond them all was beautiful golden Light. I now see the resemblance, in a material way as well as the mystical way, to the opening entrance to one of our Rosicrucian Temples, where I crossed the Threshold, becoming a member of this beloved Ancient and Mystical Order, Rosae Crucis.
As a penetrative sense, it has been possible to experience, after some minutes of meditation, following weeks of preparation in exercises and study, a penetrative attribute of the Mystical Cosmic vibrations. I have felt the Cosmic vibrations so strongly that it is now easy to find myself, my real self, out of the material body; I seemed to be surrounded by a soft light of orchid color. And the Peace that followed, made me confident to know, as only a Rosicrucian can know.
As an emotional attribute, many things are accomplished under emotion, which is a "forerunner of an inspiration, bubbling into manifestation." I had a Cosmic urge I wanted to write something about this big subject of Mysticism, but felt on the other hand, too humble to do so. But the urge kept pushing me to it, until I have gotten together what have been my experiences on the way through the Four Grades.
As a recollective attribute of the mystic sense, there have been times, when many of us, have had revisions; or recollections brought to the surface from our sub-conscious minds, of our previous incarnations. As a child, my mother bought me a book to read, (I don't know whether she ever realized why she bought it; she was very mystical). She read it over and over, herself. The Egyptian name of this book somehow filled me with a strange, awesome, feeling, and to such an extent, that when I would pick the book up I would always lay it back down, and the word "Egyptian" at that time seemed to be the apparent reason why it was laid down every time. However, I clung to this book for years, until recently it has been mislaid from my childhood home; but, strange to say, the name of the book came to my view among some other story books in a bookstore recently. I know now, that should I read that book, (and I probably shall, for most likely it came before me for a purpose, now) there will be a veil lifted, and something of the past, will be revealed to me. Perhaps something that I need now, that I would not have understood nor appreciated then.
And so, the true sincere seeker of Mysticism finds that when the Inner Self, the interior state--the windows of the Soul--are thrown open, when the veil which hangs over the inner senses is removed; then are we able to glance backward, and also down the mystical lanes of the future, and know.
"When the mind is surrendered up, as a clear glass,
Messages of the magical world roll past."

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