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Music Appreciation

  By Frater F. H. Ingersoll, F. R. C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1941]
THE study of music appreciation is becoming more and more popular with students in institutions of learning. Some enroll in such a course because they are musical and wish to learn more about the construction of compositions, but the vast majority of college and university students have heard that the subject is what they term "a snap," and an easy way of gaining a credit. This class of students usually do not have a high standard of appreciation, but in a surprisingly short time good music becomes their hobby, and before the end of the semester they not only have unconsciously absorbed much understanding about history, form and analysis but have become intelligent listeners and have been greatly benefited spiritually, morally and physically.

This class of men and women are learning without the burning of midnight oil to understand the language of music with all its transcendental truths, presented in a way which will reach the inner being.
I have had, for a number of years, an excellent opportunity of observing this type of students, before and after--and I find that they are prepared and are thinking along mystical lines.
If this is true--and I know that it is--it certainly behooves the Rosicrucian student to take advantage of the guiding hand of music and permit himself to be gently conducted to the portal, where attunement with the cosmic will open to him new and undreamed of blessings.

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