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Attracting Cosmic Help

By Sro. Beatrice M. Hurley
[From The Rosicrucian Digest November 1930]
NOT many years ago the country was flooded with literature and public lectures on the subject of developing personal magnetism and attracting friendships. It seemed to be the desire of multitudes to want to attract friends or acquaintances by the development of certain personal qualities which would guarantee life-long friends.
At nearly all of the public lectures dealing with this subject I found that the audience consisted of seventy-five per cent female and twenty-five per cent male. An author of a very popular book upon how to develop a very magnetic personality told me that fully ninety per cent of his buyers and enthusiastic readers were females.
Of course, we know that a great change has taken place in the world of mutual attractions and it is no longer the male who must adorn himself, as the peacock does, to attract the female. Today, the female must represent everything that is attractive, wholesome, admirable, and fascinating, in order to sway minds and influence characters. Fortunes are being spent, therefore, not only for cosmetics and toilet requisites and for the care of the skin, hair, and other personal features, but for clothing, and the study of languages, the development of culture and personal charm, for the sole purpose of attracting friendships and building up personal influence. Incidentally, the males have resorted to considerable of this, even though only twenty-five per cent of their sex is represented. Perhaps that is because the other seventy-five per cent of them are indifferent and have not yet learned the value of personal attraction.
The point I want to make clear, however, is that while it is almost a universal practice in the civilized world, or at least in the Western world, for women and men to devote much time and thought to every method and process that will attract friendships and profitable acquaintances, so little thought is given to the more important principle of attracting Cosmic friendship.
If there is any living person in the world whom you think could help you through friendship to bring happiness, prosperity, and affluence, or social position, into your life, you should remember that all of the things that any one of these friends or all of them together could do for you does not amount to a fraction of the good that the Cosmic could do for you through a well-developed friendship.
After all, why should we not make a friend out of the Cosmic? Is it because we have come to believe that the Cosmic is an indefinite, undefinable, widely dispersed automatic intelligence that cannot be personified or brought into personal relationship with our life? I am afraid that this is true. I know that for years the church taught me that it was almost irreverent and a sacrilegious thought to think of making a pal and friend out of God.
When I taught this sort of intimate relationship to my little girl before she was old enough to go to Sunday school it seemed to her to be logical and reasonable. She had heard a few of our servants in the home speak of God in a very undignified way when they stubbed their toe or broke a dish, and it seemed to her that if they could be intimate and personal with God and speak so freely of Him at times that there was nothing wrong in her speaking of God and to God in her playful way.
I realized this very strongly when one day I overheard her say to two of her dolls, which she was placing in a chair to remain there during her absence, "Now don't be lonesome, because I will soon be back, and God is sitting there with you and you can talk to Him."
Many times when she had some little fairy story to tell or something to talk about, instead of talking to the doll or to herself she would talk to God. But after she was old enough to go to Sunday school and she ventured to speak familiarly of God in this manner she was promptly instructed to keep in mind that God was such a pious and serious person that we should not even laugh when we thought of Him, or smile, or dance, or sing, except to sing the old-fashioned songs of adoration to tunes that sounded more like funeral dirges than anything else.
I am getting far away from my subject, but, nevertheless, the principle is appropriate. Too many of us unquestionably think of the Cosmic as though it were some old, severe, strict judge, who never smiles and who has never known any joy in his life, sitting on a judgment throne with records and a pair of balancing scales in front of him and meting out justice, or blessings, and suffering, with as little personal interest and indifference to human conditions as a piece of machinery. That is not the way I have learned to think of the Cosmic, and to all of those to whom I have given the more personal key there has come a greater joy through a greater understanding, and naturally there have been many blessings in their lives which they would not have had otherwise.
I first thought of this relationship between man and the Cosmic through an interesting incident. A friend of mine, who was an attorney, had a very important case that was to come before a certain well-known judge in an eastern city in the fall of the year. When I heard of the incident it was the beginning of summer and court had just closed. The attorney had the whole summer to prepare his case. He told me that it was the general opinion in the east that the judge before whom the case was to come was known as one of the most severe and inhuman persons sitting on any bench in any court. I had heard the same story.
It was generally believed that no being could make this judge smile or make him sense in any way the human elements in any case that came before him for consideration. The attorney told me that he was going to make it his business to live at the same summer resort throughout the summer where the judge and his family would live, and that without speaking of his case or touching upon legal matters in any way he was going to hobnob with the judge, play golf with him, or at least be close enough in his summer associations to discover how human the judge really was and get acquainted with his various moods and processes of thinking.
In other words, he was going to become acquainted with that judge so that he would know him. He was surprised to find that the judge was the most human, lovable, considerate man that one would care to meet, but that he had certain legal convictions in his mind and certain ethical standards which he adhered to strictly. The attorney learned also that if he prepared his case in such a manner as to clearly bring out the human elements and the human equation in the proper light, the judge would clearly understand the very involved situations.
This incident caused me to realize that if we could be better acquainted with the Cosmic and try to cultivate a friendship with it we might benefit through such a friendship. I realized, of course, that the difference between the Cosmic and the judge was that the Cosmic already knew us, and it was only we humans who did not know the Cosmic.
In trying to decide what I should do to build up a personal acquaintance with the Cosmic and attract its friendship, I realized at once that I would have to abandon foolish earthly methods that are used to attract earthly friendships. Certainly the Cosmic would not be influenced or attracted by the personal outward appearance of our bodies. It would make no difference to the Cosmic whether we had our hair marcelled, our finger nails polished, or a beautiful complexion. The style of our clothes, the charm of our voice, the distinctiveness of our mannerisms of speech and action, would have no influence nor make any impression upon the Cosmic. All of those crude things which the psychology lecturers like to call "subtle influences" would be of no avail at all with the Cosmic. That great mind would be more interested in the cleanliness and purity of our inner selves than the glow and shine of the outer self. I realized, therefore, that the building up of an attractiveness would have its beginning from the inside rather than the outside.
Secondly, we could not resort to such crude methods as bringing gifts to gain attention and friendship. Buying candy and sending flowers and giving someone a new powder puff in a fancy container may bring back kind thoughts from human beings but I couldn't think of anything of a personal nature that I could offer to the Cosmic. Imagine, if you can, attempting to give a gift to a person who had everything in the world and had also the power to create anything that he didn't have.
Since the Cosmic is the source of the eternal and unlimited abundant supply, I could not think of anything to give it that it did not have, so that little trick of human relationships had to be cast aside. What then was left for me to do, to make a friend out of the Cosmic or to attract its friendships? Careful analysis for many days and weeks brought the ultimate conclusions: I must co-operate with the Cosmic in what it is doing and become a part of its developing plan. This forced me to study the Cosmic ways of working and to discover what the Cosmic was doing and in what way I could help.
I need not go into all of the details regarding the work of the Cosmic for the members of our organization who will read this and those strangers who will be attracted to it are probably acquainted with the ideals and purposes of the Cosmic. But I learned this much: The Cosmic is the administrator of justice and the dispensator of spiritual and earthly blessings. Therefore, if I was to cooperate with the Cosmic I must do such things in my life as would aid in seeing that justice was done and that those who needed something from the Cosmic would be helped in securing it.
In other words, I pledged my life as a channel for the expression and actions of the Cosmic. I talked to the Cosmic and told it frankly that I wanted to help carry out its plans and do its work and that daily and hourly I would speak to the Cosmic and listen for its answers and try to cooperate with every urge and impulse that the Cosmic inspired in my consciousness. My first great work was to clean my own home and make myself a proper channel. I ceased to do the things that I knew the Cosmic would disapprove of and I enlarged upon the things in my life that I was sure that were approved of by the Cosmic. I stopped at once asking for any personal help, for I realized that the quickest way to lose to friendship is to be constantly watching out for personal benefits.
I came to the conclusion that the Cosmic knew what I wanted and what I needed, and that if it was ready or prepared to give me the things I wanted I would not have to ask for them. This also made me realize that probably the reason why I had not received from the Cosmic that which it knew I needed was because I had not deserved them. Therefore, if I helped the Cosmic and kept my own desires in the background and thought more of others and their needs I would be earning all I needed and the Cosmic in due time would take care of me as it did anyone else who deserved its help.
Ever since I came to these conclusions I have devoted a greater part of my life to watching for and even seeking opportunities to help the Cosmic. If a little child on the street is crying, or an adult in my neighborhood is in sorrow, grief, or perplexity, I make it my business to say or do something that will at least cheer them on the way, comfort them or inspire them with the right thoughts or actions. Whenever there is a problem or a serious situation in my neighborhood or in the lives of my friends, or any place where I may happen to be down-town or up-town, east, west, north or south, I talk to the Cosmic and try to find out what it wants to do and desires to do in the situation in order to untangle it, or help those who are concerned. Immediately I receive an impression. I know what to say to those who are puzzled or what to advise them to do. I even help them to carry out these suggestions.
I have the pleasure and extreme happiness of watching the results manifest in marvelous ways, and all the while I am asking the Cosmic for nothing for myself. I notice, however, that my health is good, that my income remains what it should be to allow me sufficient to use for others, and that in emergencies or special causes, additional income has been surprisingly provided; and that I notice that all things in my life are being cared for by the Cosmic without any petitions or pleas on my part. About the only thing I ask the Cosmic to give me when I talk with it is for strength and greater understanding to carry on my work.
But I have made a friend out of the Cosmic. When I see a very sad incident that pains me because someone has disobeyed a natural law or a spiritual principle I speak to the Cosmic about it and sympathize with the Cosmic as though it were a personal friend of mine who was suffering also because of what others do in their ignorance and wilfulness, and when I hear of something good or learn of some joyful incident or some beautiful story I tell it to the Cosmic as though I were telling it to a personal friend and rejoice with my Heavenly friend in the goodness that persists in this world, despite the comments of the pessimist.
Have you ever thought of making a friend out of the Cosmic in this way? Give thanks to the Cosmic daily for every blessing you have and say it in a personal, friendly way, and not with awe and false piousness. Rejoice with the Cosmic in the good things of life and sympathize with it in the sorrows. Then when the time comes for you to make a definite request of the Cosmic or to appeal to it for any purpose, you can talk to it as you would to an old, trusting, understanding, and dependable friend and in a familiar, friendly, cheerful way ask for what you want, knowing that if you have really deserved it through what you have done for the Cosmic you will receive it, and if you have not earned it you cannot expect it.

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