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The Music of Spring

By Soror Beatrice M. Holloway, F. R. C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest June 1937]
SPRING! Does not the word have a clear ring that sends vibrations of joy all through your consciousness?
Can you not see the children of Nature rubbing the sleep from their eyes as they hear the silvery clear, ringing tones of the Voice of Spring?
Spring is with us again. Clear sunlight, gentle breezes, greening grass, opening buds, springing flowers, tender blue sky. What joy after the cold of winter, the days of storm and bleakness.
Each of the Seasons is a symphony of glory, composed, directed and produced by the Master Musician. Winter has passed. The theme was solemn, grand, with overtones of loveliness and others of sad sublimity. If we had hearing ears, we discerned the soothing lullaby of Mother Nature as her children slept, rested and became revitalized for new growth. The storms descended, the winds blew and the symphony increased its tempo. The gentle lullaby continued but accompanied by harmonics vigorous, vital, grand; chords of triumph! The storms washed the air and filled the rivers. The rains and snow sank deep into the earth, to bubble forth later in mountain springs that ran their course with joy back to ocean depths. From this underground source, new life was drawn upward by grass and flower of meadow and by trees of forest, decking all the earth in new verdure and color.
And what is the Symphony of Spring?
Ah, 'tis a joyous hymn to Light and Life! SPRING--ring--ring! Can you not hear its bell like tones? A clear call, a challenge to awake, push upwards; a new birth leading to a new flowering. It sets hearts to singing as new vitality comes into conscious manifestation. Its voice has not the sombre harmony of winter, for it is eminently a song of rejoicing, a clarion call to upward and forward going. The winds sing more gently--little caressing melodies. The storms are but laughing showers playing hide and seek with the pale golden sunlight and accompanied by rainbows of promise.
SPRING--ring--ring! Let hearts rejoice! Away with gloom and negation! Life is again made manifest in power and beauty. Ring--Ring ye bells of Spring. Gently at first do they call the sleepers. Then with increasing tempo and a more persistent ringing, does the Voice peal forth, till all awaken. The anthem swells in glory, each a harmonious part of the whole, a Te Deum of adoration to Light and Life.
May each of us be a note in perfect accord with the Master Musician's Divine Composition.

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