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A Message From the Imperator of Europe

[From The Rosicrucian Digest January 1940]
The following is an address delivered by the Imperator of Europe, known by the mystical name of Sar Hieronymus, to members of the F. U. D. O. S. I., at their conference in Brussels, Belgium, last August. It will be recalled by all Rosicrucians that the initials: "F. U. D. O. S. I." are an abbreviation of the words, "Federation Universelle des Ordres et Societes Initiatiques." This Federation is composed of the AUTHENTIC arcane and mystical orders of the world, having charters and manifestoes recognized by all of the member orders. The AMORC of North and South America is the only Rosicrucian Order of the Western world having membership in it by virtue of its historical background and subsequent recognition. Frater James Whitcomb, now Grand Treasurer, attended the last F. U. D. O. S. I. Convention as the late Imperator's, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis', personal representative. The Convention of the F. U. D. O. S. I. was presided over by the Imperator of the Rose + Croix of Europe.
--IMPERATOR [Ralph M. Lewis].
WHY are you assembled together in this Temple? Because you are initiates; and if I asked why you are Initiates? It is because you have heard the mysterious calling: "You will become like unto God." But this time, it is not the serpent, sneaking out of Darkness that pronounced it, it is Christ in the resplendency of Divine Intelligence who proposed this new ascension to you. And what was a lie in the mouth of Satan becomes a power on the lips of Christ.
To those He loves, He brings more than the revelations of salvation, He gives the complete vision of the mysteries of Heaven and of the Earth.
Because you have chosen the right Path, because you want to live with the Angels and not with the beasts, God grants you His Light.
By dint of aspiring toward the whiteness of the mountain summits, by dint of raising yourself toward the infinite celestial world, you have ceased to lie in the filth of the earth, and the paths of the messengers of God have become familiar to you.
You have understood that the calling from on High was that of perfection, and that your possibility of perfectibility was limitless, each step preparing the following one.
And it is to the highest point of spiritual improvement that the Rose-Croix Order means to lead you. You are the unknown Masters who, through the power of prayer, of uprightness and of the deeper and deeper knowledge of mystery, collaborate to the realization of the Divine scheme. You will become like unto God. In a world that is submitted to violence, you are the sacred Knighthood that will save, as the great Orders have done in the days of yore, the ideals of justice, of love and of charity.
That which universe is in the look of man, the mystery of Christ is for you, the initiates who are searching for Light.
Remember the words of Leonardo da Vinci: "Him who has once met Jesus shall never turn his gaze from Him."
This meeting with the Master is the supreme grace that the Highest Power grants to the men of good will. Those who have not yet found Him on the path of their lives, if they do not resist spiritual truth, if they wait patiently and quietly, some day will meet Him, and on that day, all mysteries will be revealed unto them; they will be initiates in the highest meaning of the word; they will be Magi.
The Magus lives in a domain where the nervous fluid, vehicle of evil, does not reach and where the power that the black Magician draws out of his cerebral substance with a view to harm you comes back against himself.
Remember that if you are really above men, it is only because you loathe the abominations of the world, its false, ephemeral, debasing pleasures, and because you have chosen the path that rises toward Splendor; because you have consecrated your life to the prayer that creates an infrangible barrier against the material forces, and to the meditation that opens the inaccessible regions of the spiritual plane.
It is why none shall truly be a Magus if he has not received the Sign of Christ, the anointment of the Holy Ghost, and if he does not participate in the immortal and radiant life of Christ.
For those who have not been sufficiently prepared through religion to the practice of prayer, the most difficult point is to submit to the necessary discipline so as to raise themselves to that true prayer that puts the human soul in attunement with the Supreme Power.
The occultist Masters, too often, do neglect this indispensable preparation, which, evidently has the character of absolute necessity only for the brethren of the Rose-Croix.
It is the mystical formation, of which a perfect medium is the meditative reading of the great mystics, like Louis de Blois, Saint Jean de la Croix, Ruysbroeck the Admirable, Juliana of Norwich, Saint Theresa of Avila...
Study them with a pure and sincere heart and soon you will understand this word of the first Epistle to the Corinthians: "Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God."
And the more this spirit of brotherhood with the great mystics will detach you from the material world, the stronger you will become to dominate and conquer through prayer the enemies of Light.
At the beginning of your initiation, you will revolt against the ascetic rule that is proposed to you, against the exterior forms that are the degrees of improvement; it is matter, in you, that is rebelling.
Inert matter is the easy domain of the evil forces that are serving the enemy which, in the Bible, bears the dreaded name of -- -- --
Wherever matter is ruling, the powers of the black forces are ready to fight; even when it is idealized in the most beautiful paganism, matter conceals the insidious calling of the serpent.
By itself, matter has no ideal, no beauty, no morality. The aesthetical reflection of material things is in proportion with their spiritual harmony. Deprived of this direction, matter stirs up in spirit only the base instincts, selfish instincts, and opens the door to crimes, even to those that are a sin against nature.
This is why it is our duty to combat materialism and selfishness in all their manifestations:
1. First of all in yourselves, by casting off the usual covetousness of man;
2. In the Order, by bringing into it the spirit of charity, of love, of confidence and of Light; by fighting against ignorance, which is an aspect of laziness, and also against the desire for material and intellectual wealth which is a temptation from the evil spirit.
3. Finally in the outer world, by spreading the true Light wherever you will go; by living the life of spiritual and radiating beings because there will be real peace only when men will act according to the ways of Spirit.
Even if you have not, as yet, attained complete initiation in spiritual truth and if the fundamental creed of knowledge is not entirely in your heart, you must strive with all your might to the powerful union of all the spiritual forces, for the realization of an Order which will work side by side with the Church of Christ in the domain of intelligence as the Knighthood worked during the Middle Ages in the social field.
The Order of the Rose-Croix is in reality the highest knighthood of our epoch, but all the Orders that serve the same ideal are also the servants of spirit.
For this reason it is indispensable that they all keep up the same discipline and that none of them, through guilty negligence, may undergo condemnations that would make their spiritual work sterile, and that would place them under the yoke of the spirit of Darkness. Many Orders, which were honourable at their beginning, thus have fallen into the worst of errors, and have ended in contempt and oblivion.
Nowadays it cannot be the same. I want to set up the helm right to Divine Truth that is the basis of all work of Light, and if some day I were to be convinced that I had been leading our Orders into the evil path, or even in a path that would be dangerous for the salvation of our brothers, I would prefer to break up the Orders and reject the sceptre, rather than to imperil them.
Of yore, it has been necessary to warn of the pitfalls those who were waiting for the second coming of Christ, and who, in the white work, had let infiltrations penetrate, thus falling under the reprobation of the Abbot Barbier; and in May 1884 these blunders brought up the condemnation of Orders that were thoroughly respectable at their beginning.
Forty-five years after this decree the question arises again upon an absolutely new plane of spirit.
I believe that if one wants to combat with its own weapons the spirit of Darkness which, in its outer aspect is that of materialism, of selfishness and violence, one is led to go down unto the subterranean regions of thought, there where is to be hatched the eternal conspiracy against Light.
Something has been changed in the world, but we would that the world be really transfigured by the establishment of the universal rule of Peace and Love. Before the Sovereign Master of all things whom the true R-C recognizes with a humble heart, we invoke Light and strength, so that being heartily attached to His divine revelation and to His teachings, we may pursue the realization of God's designs, so also that our watchful care be not surprised by pernicious infiltrations, that so many times have been stigmatized, and that might corrupt the work that has been entrusted to us.
I wish that now my appeal may be heard in the remotest parts of the earth. Because in these last words of mine, I do not speak only to the Magii, but to all men of good will, to all men who are conscious of the mission and of the responsibility that has been placed upon them by the Master of all things!
For a long time we have been living in a dark period of turmoil. The earth, thrown out of harmony through the disorders engendered by war, vainly attempted to recover its equilibrium, and more than ever for the last 20 years the menace is closing over it. The black forces are let loose upon the world. Materialism which, in man, takes the form of selfishness and in the nations that of violence, is pressing hard over the souls. The great ideals of love, of liberty, of universal charity are despised, and to the innate aspirations of man towards his celestial destiny, a paganism that is the pestilential blossoming of matter is opposed as a derivative. Wherever religion is persecuted, materialism is ruling as a master, to debase the individuals and to make of them the tools of an attempt of destruction.
We clearly see where lies evil and we must conquer it. It is why I appeal to all men of good will to prepare a new crusade, the aim of which is not the sterile salvation of the empty sepulchre of Christ, but the salvation of the spiritual ideals, the loss of which would be the worst cataclysm that may befall humanity.
You are the Knighthood of the Spirit, and I ask you to go wherever the combat makes a call upon you, to erect again the sacred labarum, to be present wheresoever the spiritual ideals are insulted, violated or even threatened. The luminous fate of the world lies between your hands, the future of humanity shall be the price of your victory.
Like true knights of the Kingdom of God, go to the conquest of the Universe, of peace, of love, of fraternal charity.
Nothing can resist to the mystical weapons of the Magus.
Go and speak to men of their duty. God who has chosen you among His children shall ask you to account for what you shall have done for the instauration of His Glory.

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