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Have You Smiled Today?

[From The Mystic Triangle August 1927]
Are you smiling now? What is wrong? It will not matter, smile anyway. Get out of the gloom you are in, forget your troubles for just a while, and remember that of all the contagious things on earth, there is none more so than a smile--unless it is a yawn; and who wants to pass along a yawn?
If you did not get up this morning with a smile, you better hurry up and make up for it; for the day is passing, and unless you have smiled today, you have cheated. You cheat nature, yourself, your fellowman--as well as God--when you let a day go by without starting a smile a-goin' its way.
Superstition? Well, perhaps. But there are millions who have had faith in the endless chain letters which carry a threat of dire disaster. It's a lot of work writing ten letters to ten unknown friends and mailing them; and you never have the satisfaction of seeing them get frightened--or throw the letters away with a smile. But you can draw the smile, and see it, if you start the endless chain of happiness with a smile today. Go out, go somewhere, or just turn in your chair, and smile; let someone see it, and know that you feel it, and the day will be saved. Smile now!
There's only one way to be happy--to make somebody else happy. One very small way in which to make other people happy is to smile and make them smile too. You know you can't resist smiling yourself when you see somebody else doing it and doing it because they like to and want to and just can't help it. And it is such a small way in which to make other people happy--requiring no expenditure of time or money or sacrifice of anything in any way--the only thing it does is to exercise a set of muscles that need it. Besides, there's more religion in a smile to the living than in an eulogy to the dead.

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