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Good News From Our Indian Branch

An Important Announcement Comes at a Very
Propitious Time
[From The Mystic Triangle September 1925]
For several years we have referred to the fact that our Grand Lodge and Supreme Temple in India have been planning to admit our higher members into full and Honorary membership in their Lodge Academy. It has required considerable correspondence and a rearrangement of all their plans and courses of study to make such a plan feasible because of the following conditions:
First, the Supreme Temple of Amorc in India conducts its work there as a Monastic Order along the lines of the truly ancient and Oriental method. In past only those who could go to the Temple and live in the environs were permitted to have any part in the study and exercises conducted by the Mystics of that Order.
Secondly, the teachings issued there are of a rare and personal nature. They cover subjects which have never been put into printed form for general study and it seemed almost impossible to arrange these long and illuminating lectures into form for transmission by mail.
For these reasons it has required great work and much time on the part of the Director of the Order in India to arrange with the Imperator in America a feasible and convenient method of sharing the valuable Indian studies with our members in other lands.
The Order in India is known as The Sovereign Grand Temple "Iasc-Amorc," and conducts its work through its principal Academy known as The G. T. Monastery. It is located in beautiful gardens in the outlying section of a small town in the Madras Presidency.
Under the new arrangements members of the Amorc everywhere who are in or above the Fourth Grade in the regular Lodges or Groups, or who are in the Postulant's Grade of the Supreme Lodge, may take up the complete course of study direct from the Temple in India and prepare themselves for Honorary Membership in the G. T. Rosicrucian Monastic Order of India. (Do not confuse the term monastic as having the same meaning as is usually understood in occidental countries.) In addition to certain obligations which all our Amorc members have already assumed as Rosicrucians, the only other obligation is the small expense of postage and clerical charges in preparing and mailing the private lessons.
The Director of the work in India announces also that they will publish a monthly magazine as a companion to our MYSTIC TRIANGLE. It will bear the name "MYSTIC CASKET" and will contain special, instructive articles for students of their courses and for our members generally.
As stated above, several years ago we announced that such a plan was under way and our announcement was a little premature, for many wrote to us about taking up the Indian course of study, but the plans had not been completed.
We announce now that we are ready to transmit applicants' names to the Director in India. Therefore all those who are in good standing in the Amorc anywhere, who have been regular in their studies of the Amorc lectures and lessons, who are in or above the Fourth Grade in any regular Lodge or Group or in the Postulant's Grade conducted by mail from headquarters, may send their names and addresses to the name below stating that they desire to take up the Indian study. To these persons we will send an outline of the work of the G. T. Temple and advise them how to enter that work.
Address your letters on this subject to "Indian G. T. Secretary," care of Amorc, 843 Octavia Street, San Francisco, California. Please do not write on this subject in any general letter to the Supreme Secretary, or mix your correspondence with other subjects. Make it a separate letter addressed only as above. (Write at once, but bear in mind that after November 1, 1925, the address should be care of Amorc, Rosicrucian Square, Memorial Boulevard, Tampa, Florida.)

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