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Love Is the Key

 By Soror Marie George
[From The Rosicrucian Digest April 1940]
THE person who is content with his place in life, has no desire to progress, is of no service to himself or anyone else. Dissatisfaction is one of the incentives to evolution.
Evolution begins when we sense that there must be something better than what we now have. Each of us is here in this incarnation for a purpose. The second step on the path in evolution is to come to the realization of this fact. Now that we have taken this step, our hearts long for that inner understanding, the wisdom and light that is our heritage. But, the key to these Divine treasures is love; love that embraces trust, kindness, patience, long-suffering and forgiveness.
Down through the ages, we find that love was the dominant factor. Uniting the two pillars in the spacious hall of columns at Karnak, we read these words, "The Secret of Life is Love." Then, on the Island of Elephantine, we find these inscriptions, "Love is the Secret of Life," "Love, with Wisdom is the Secret of Life," "The Torch of Life is Fed by the Oil of Love," and "Love is the Oil of Life."
Love is a great purifier; combined with wisdom, it can be the means to an awakening to a realm of peace and grandeur unsurpassed by any place in this mundane world.
When we have evolved to the point where we can live and work for the greater common good, we have reached the third step on the path. And, from this point, we may, at times, step across the threshold into that realm of "Peace that passeth all understanding."

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