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[From The Mystic Triangle August 1925]
How much Light have you been sending into the world of late? Remember the injunction to "let thy Light so shine!" You are a living bearer of the Greater Light. You are a living Torch of Light, Life and Love. Do not hide the Light of your greater understanding, your greater development and your greater attainment under a cloak of secret pride. Let the world see the self within; make that self speak to those who will hear, or touch those who will feel. Sing the praises of God with a sunny disposition, a cheerful aspect on life and a radiant aura of love. Distinguish the Light within you by your deeds rather than extinguish it with reservation, hesitation and passive indifference to the darkness that exists. Be a standard bearer of the Order! Lift aloft in your spirit the Rosey Cross and like the Crusaders of old, charge ahead into the dismal conditions of life and cry aloud the ancient mandate "Via Crucis!" Let your Greater Light show you the way; let it cast before you a beam to make a pathway of glory. Proclaim your heritage, reveal your salvation, call to the seeker, to the lame, the blind and the faltering and tell them of your blessing, of your guide, your standard. Point out to them the Open Portal. Bring them to the Gates. Direct them to The Path that leads in and beyond the limitations of ignorance and superstition to the Temple of Power and Peace Profound. This is the way; Let your Light so shine!

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